ZzZ... zZz... ZzZ...

Darn! I am just feeling so tired.. Couldn't even keep my eyes half open this morning during work.. I nvr ever want to shift house again.. So many things to pack & unpack.. Just so many things to do.. Im a lazy person you know? I am just so plain tired & a huge pimple decided to just move to somewhere near my forehead & perhaps stay there for good.. Arghhh... What is happening to me? Is it cos im getting older or what plus this morning there was a heavy downpour before i went to work.. It's chilly therefore resulting to me sneezing non-stop causing me to feel even weaker then before.. I have very sensitive nose.. How many pieces of tissue have i wasted? Why am i so scared of the cold? Hate my nose.. The only comforting thing to know is that i'll be meeting my sis, quan kai, my bro & of cause my darling hubby for steamboat dinner after work.. The place is located at Tiong Bahru Plaza.. I had tom yam soup.. What can i say about the soup? Only 1 word.. "Shiok!" I manage to "force" Jackson along too.. We had an enjoyable dinner together.. Though i was late in meeting Jackson but yet he was the 1 who gave me a treat in dinner.. What a sweet & nice guy.. Deardear don't jealous arr.. I bought MOONCAKES! 3 boxes in total.. 1 for my mum, 1 for my mother-in-law & 1 for myself but of cause deardear will have a share in my mooncakes as well.. The mooncakes taste so heavenly compared to those mooncakes selling outside.. It's not too sweet so you won't really sick after eating the whole piece.. So if you want mooncakes get it from Bobby, my colleague.. He's working in Amway as well.. The products there are good like their cosmetics but it's slightly more expensive then you buy other products outside like L'oreal or Maybelline.. At least it's more "natural".. No chemicals involved & not tested on animal.. Got my brother to come over my new house to sleep as he always cannot wake up in time for school.. We watch a horror show before we turn in to bed.. The horror show not very nice.. Disappointed.. Something about succubi.. Have no idea what they are.. Like cannibals, they have eat meat & drink blood of men to survive.. Didn't even get to see the gory parts.. Just saw the gal's mouth with alot of blood.. Lame.. I like to watch horror shows but not those ghostly type.. I like those really gory movies where they cut up the person & the blood just burst out.. Then chop into pieces.. Left just the head.. Hear them shout & scream before they die.. Yeah.. I know.. Alot people say i crazy la, maniac la, pervert la.. Blah.. blah.. blah.. Who cares? I enjoy what i watch.. You mind your own business & i keep my nose out of your business..


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