Aha! I knew it.. The bloody transfer was just a bloody scam.. I knew i had it coming along.. Just wanted to act blur & see if things changes for the better but i should have known better that those bloody bastards would not be so kind.. Can't wait to get rid of me.. Gave me all sort of excuses but of cause, i did not give them an easy time too.. Since i wasn't wanted there, i can say whatever i like.. Therefore, i did not bother to give face & fuck the CO till im happy.. Haha.. CO leh.. Fuck the CO.. He's just a bloody motherfucker bastard.. Not a man of his word.. No wonder he failed in opening his own company.. Management fuck up.. I wasn't too upset over it as i had long wanted to leave the company.. I just worry abt my financial problem but i think it shouldn't be a problem.. I can find a job real soon as i can start immediately.. They still had to pay me extra 1 week's pay for last min decision so yeah.. Im not on the losing side.. It's just their lost for losing me.. Anyway, i went with my mum to Borneo Motors today.. Correction! It's my mum who went to Borneo Motors WITH me to report the accident.. The guy who served me was soooo handsome & sooooo humorous.. I saw that he wasn't wearing a wedding ring.. Don't ask why i notice it but i just notice it ok? But too bad, im married.. Wahahaha.. I am so dead! Sssshhh.. Not a single word is to be said.. I told him that the taxi driver offered me $30 to settle the damage.. He said that was a good one.. I think he meant that sarcastically.. There was alot of things to go through & so many paperworks to do.. In the end, he calculated the total damage to be abt 3-4k plus.. Whoa! Huge sum even though claim from insurance.. I kind of pity the taxi driver but i can't.. This is the situation where none of us must be emotional.. If i were to pity him then who's gonna pity me & pay the damages? Sighz.. Just his luck..


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