Beautiful Day

Ahhhhh.. Finally today i get to see the road properly.. Not much haze.. Can breath as normal again.. Went down to Ritz to look for Elaine to talk to her about the photos.. We gave her the deposit & proceed down to Eric's side to re-select the photos.. Finally settled everything with a breath of relief.. Went home & watch dvd with deardear.. We watched S.W.A.T.. Cool show no matter how many times i've watched it.. After that, we watched Gremlins.. Ooohhh.. Aren't those creatures cute for people who still remember the show.. I wish i could get 1 for myself.. Simply adorable.. Sighz.. Monday blues.. Tata.. Btw, im sick & tired of changing colours plus friends complain they can't see my words so i shall remain with the default colour.. Why so many friends always have so many complains? Make my life so difficult.. Sighz..


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