The benefits of eating sloooow..

It was only after work that i realise once a month devil came today.. Torturing me again & again.. Nvm about that.. Deardear came to fetch me from work today and we went to West Mall to have dinner.. There, we saw a gal eating like a monkey.. Haha.. No.. Im serious.. The way she eat is so scary.. Like she's gonna eat you up anytime.. She eat as though she's rushing for time.. When her boyfriend came back with his own food, that lady has already finish half a bowl of her noodles.. Worst thing was, though she is older than us but she's a pretty little thing.. She looks pretty & sweet but the moment she starts eating.. Omg.. Don't dare to think about it.. Most guys would probably feel super turned off.. Her boyfriend must be damn good in turning a blind eye towards her eating style.. In comparison to me, i eat alot more slower than her.. I have received a number of complains from all my dear friends out there that i eat way too slow.. I say, im just enjoying the food.. There's no rush man.. Food is meant for you to enjoy slowly.. What's the point of eating if you just gurgle everything down your throat? You don't get to taste the food at all.. There are benefits for eating slow..
  1. You don't choke on your food.
  2. You get to taste & enjoy your food better.
  3. You gain weight slower
  4. You look more graceful in your eating appearance

I believe i have made my point.. Therefore, my dear friends pls stop shouting & screaming at me whenever i eat slower than you do.. Mayb you guys should follow in my footsteps of eating slow.. I think i can hear people saying bullshit! But it's true.. Alright.. I better stop here before people start throwing things like rotten eggs at me..


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