Today is the 3rd day deardear has left me.. Im still counting down the days when he'll be back by my side.. I miss him so much.. Hooray! The guy came my house today to set up my internet for me.. Now i can surf net at home le.. The day i've been waiting for sooooo long.. Slack ard the whole day & have dinner at home then meet Gracie & Khai.. Send Gracie to MOS then me & Khai went to a more relax & soothing place near Telok Blangah to drink.. Guess we old le ba.. Haha.. Cannot stand noisy place anymore.. Reminds me of those days i work in Sparks.. It was fun.. Very sad that they close down.. All that stupid boss Dean Shahul's fault.. He & his money-minded pea brain.. He had to come seperate me & my colleagues.. Though im the only full time Singaporean there but we were like a family.. Always happy together chatting & talking nonsense.. Now all don't know go where le.. Sighz.. Though the 1st time i step into a disco is for interview & started working there, i was nvr a clubbing person.. Most of the time, friends have to drag me down either for birthday or some important thing worth celebrating or i'm nvr stepping out of my house for clubbing.. I prefer to drink at a more relax place.. So dear friends, now you know where i like to go drinking then you know what to do.. Don't ever try to trick me.. Muahahaha.. I'm drunk.. Got to go lie down & sleep before i become some crazy woman.. I'm always hyper active when i drink be it coffee or liquor.. Stay far far away from me.. A big kiss for everyone especially for my dearest hubby.. Hope you can feel it wherever you are.. MUACKS!! Love you guys..


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