Hereby, i would like to give an explanation on the last 2 blogs because my ah gong sister don't know the difference between eating SLOW & eating ALOT!!! OMG! I almost faint when i read my tagboard.. Gracie, i now tell you.. Eating slow doesn't make you stop gaining weight ok? There's no such thing in this world or else slimming centre would have gone bankrupt & close down liao.. Eating slow just make you gain weight slower because you have more time to digest your food properly.. BUT, if you start gorging yourself with food everyday then no matter how slow you eat you'll still gain weight.. Must maintain regular meal.. Don't eat too much & don't eat too little.. MUST exercise la if want maintain figure.. Wah kao eh.. Really don't understand.. Why got people like this in this world arr? Where to find people so cock like her? Somemore my sista.. No eyes see.. Arghhhh.. I want go knock myself at the wall & jump into the sea.. *Splash!*


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