Friday The 13th

Today is friday the 13th.. It's a great day to watch horror flicks.. Superstitious friends stay at home.. It's suppose to be great day for me as 13 is my favourite number.. I do not believe in bullshits like do not let a black cat cross my path.. Ya right.. The cat might just get crushed under my feet.. Today is the 13th but how come i feel so down? Bee just message me telling me that she's not meeting me anymore because her friend got prob.. Damn her friend man & damn her friend's prob.. Feeling just so pissed off.. Why does everyone of my friend have to disappoint me? WHY!!! Yes.. Continue treating me like this & i may just disappear from your sight.. Or i may even just disappear from this earth.. Im nothing to anyone at all.. Maybe i should not even exist in this world at all.. So why am i here? Am i a devil descended from nowhere.. I just popped out like this.. *Poof!* Purpose of living is to be tortured by living human beings be it mentally or physically.. Not even the great devil Satan aka Lucifus wants me in his territory.. Im just like a wandering spirit waiting for people to take pity on me & mayb even adopt me.. I hate my life! I hate living in this horrendous world! I want to leave this place! ARGHHHH!!!


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