I am sooooo sick.. Why nobody come & visit me de? So sad.. Yesterday has been a rather eventful day for me.. So many things happen at one time till my head going to explode le.. Im having a serious headache mind you.. Airway inflammation.. Have to take sleeping pills then can sleep peacefully.. The doctor talk until like i having SARS like that.. Ask me if anyone ard me also sick.. Knn.. If i got SARS, i make sure he die with me arr.. Stupid haze clouding my brain causing me to have headache.. Cannot think properly le & the medicine is so damn powerful.. Make me so drowsy.. MC for 2 days.. Woohoo.. Boring like fuck.. Alright.. Yesterday was pretty busy helping people solve problems though im feeling very weak.. My sis was cheated of her lunch money by some unethical & unprofessional salesman.. CCB.. $5 also wan cheat.. Wtf sia? People don't want then don't want la.. Tell him only left $5 for lunch still want force.. Poke her stomach say so fat le still want eat.. 1 day don't eat won't die de la.. KNNBCCB.. I want to fucking sue him for molesting my sister lor.. What 1 day don't eat won't die? If gastric problem how? How abt he give me all his money & don't eat la? Stupid ass brain bastard.. She's gullible doesn't mean you can fucking take advantage of her ok? CCB! Don't let me see you.. I went down there to fucking get a refund back & at the same time screw that bloody son-of-a-bitch upside down but he left already.. Nevertheless, i still made a big hoo haa there in front of all their customers.. If i wasn't sick, i could have shouted even louder & make them no business.. Tell me what.. Joking nia.. Very funny meh? Go tell the police la.. See they find it funny anot la.. Fucking CB.. Their bloody china manager stare at me so unhappy like want to kill me like that.. I stare back at him la.. Why? Want whack me izzit? I make sure i complain until you go out of business & lose your fucking job then you can go back to your country & learn how start gardening your own fucking farm.. Lao niang already sick still want to piss me off.. I ask everybody to boycott your store arr.. Cheating bastards.. Then my dear ex friend aka my brother also facing a rather stupid prob.. Gals again.. I hate to say this but "I told you so.." Why do people always refuse to listen to me? Insist on getting their backside poke then happy? Backside itchy la.. Now the slut turn her back on you already la.. Secretly have boyfriend behind your back la.. Happy la.. Serve you right.. You damn lucky you still got friends like us.. No doubt i always scold you or say bad things abt you but we still care.. You got problems, we're always there for you but hor.. You don't know how to treasure us de.. I doubt you even know what is good for you & what is not.. Sighz.. No eyes see.. Don't want say you le.. Gek sim arr.. Can't do anything except just accompany you & talk & mayb give you some evil ideas la.. Hahaha.. Ok.. That ends my day for yesterday.. As for today, was a very peaceful friday & i certainly hope it remains like this.. Btw, nvr ever mix cough syrup with ice milo.. It's a bad baaad idea.. The taste sucks..


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