I've Been Forgotten..

Eversince i got transfered to another department, they stopped asking me to go for lunch.. Why is that so? I've been wondering to myself over & over again.. Last friday, they said that i was busy didn't ask me but why didn't they even bother to ask if i need anybody to help me buy back? I chose not to ask the obvious.. I do not want unneccessary trouble.. I took it that they didn't mean it.. But today, the same thing happened again.. Once again, they went off without me.. I don't know what to say.. Anger & disappointment begin to swell up in my head.. I felt like crying.. It is so sad the way they treat me.. I went down by myself to the foodcourt & there i saw them laughing & happily chatting.. I bought my things & went off.. I felt angry.. Angry with myself for not knowing what is going on.. Angry with myself for not daring to ask them why.. I just want my relationship with colleagues to be nice & good.. What is wrong with that.. Changing of department doesn't mean i become an instant stranger.. Did they do it on purpose or they just conveniently forgot all about me? I just want to have friends yet it's just so difficult.. I hate myself.. I hate my life.. Life is a BITCH!


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