I Feel So Dry..

This morning i had a quarrel with my mum over money matters again.. I have already cut down on the photo album expenses.. All i need was to give a 50% deposit.. So i just wanted to ask my mum take 1k out of my savings but she made a big hoo haa out of it.. Damn! What's wrong with me using my own savings? I could have asked for more because 1k really isn't enough but i can't imagine the consequences if i wanted to take out another 500 bucks.. I told my friend this problem and he actually offered to lend me the money without 2nd thoughts.. Oh man! This is just so great! And this kind samaritian is... he prefer to remain as anonymous in case people start borrowing money from him.. Haha.. Anyway, today at work i learn alot of new things for the project.. It wasn't as difficult as i thought & it was fun.. But, i had to spend time teaching the temp gal how to do the things i usually do.. Of cause nobody can learn everything in 1 or 2 hrs so basically i was running around the office the whole day & i had to print alot of things.. Im like a human sponge today.. Absorb things here & got squeezed there.. I meant my knowledge.. Don't be dirty.. So the whole day was just absorb & squeeze, absorb & squeeze.. I feel so dried up.. I need double the usual dosage of my coffee to stop me from getting dehydrated.. But i have to say the temp gal is really slow.. She took triple of my timing to do those things.. Guess she's just not used to it & she's just beginning to learn.. Can't blame.. I used to be like that when i just started out except i don't take that long.. Im a pretty fast learner.. Im kinda worried for her but likewise i've got a whole lot of things to finish at my own side.. 1 weeks worth of work waiting for me to do cause the program was only set up today.. Can't help her much.. I can only pass on to her what i've learnt throughout the past 7 months.. The rest is up to her le.. I wish her luck!


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