I Feel So Lonely..

Last night, i send deardear to the airport.. Before we went there, deardear brought to a Hong Kong Cafe at East Coast.. The things there were pretty nice.. Had a drink and a few bites then we proceed to the airport.. Deardear was kind of busy the moment he reach the airport.. Had to look after his men, making sure they ate their malaria pills.. Luckily, bee bee was with me.. Initially they had to board at 12.30am but the flight was delayed thus causing them to only enter ard 1.30am.. I left before that as i had to work today.. I was reluctant to let go of his hands.. I know im gonna miss him very much.. I almost cried just like the 1st time he went to thailand for training & leaving me all alone behind.. After me & bee bee got on the car & left the airport, she turn ard & suddenly tell me that this 2 weeks she'll try to accompany me more often.. She even arrange to meet me this friday & stay overnight at my place just so i won't feel too lonely.. Ohhhh... Isn't she sweet? So touching.. Just when i need someone by my side she's there.. That's what friends are for.. Bee bee, thanks for everything.. I love you.. Muacks..


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