I feel so sick & tired.. Been sick since monday.. I hate that bloody haze.. Causing me so much discomfort.. In fact, i think every Singaporean are irritated by that stupid haze.. The haze is causing discomfort to my eyes, my skin, my nose & practically my whole body.. It's causing me to have a very bad baaaaad headache.. Why can't those irritating creatures residing in my head just leave me alone? *bangs head on the wall* That hurts but it woke me up a little.. I was abt to snooze off.. So sleepy.. Talking abt sleep.. I fell asleep on the bus while i was on my way home but the bloody bus driver hit on the brake pad a little wee too hard.. I was woken up from shock & i almost sway out of my seat.. KNNBCCB.. That stupid bus driver made me look like a bloody idiot.. I was super duper paiseh lor.. Damn sia suay.. CCB.. Lucky i was abt to reach my destination le.. Was too tired to bother if there are any yandao guys looking at me & my disgraceful manner of sleeping.. Not as if i really care but well.. You know.. Today, i went for lunch at IMM with Bobby & my sis.. Her office just moved to IMM but still not ready yet.. Don't know why her boss ask her go there.. Think ask her be maid go clean up the office.. Anyway, i just went to accompany her for lunch & we went to HOSHI.. A japanese restaurant.. Yummy! The set lunch there is really cheap.. I had a chicken katsudon.. It came with a small serving of salad, miso soup, 3 slices of watermelon, coffee/tea & of cause the rice with the chicken la.. Don't be an arse.. All this for only $12++.. Cheap hor? Plus it taste quite good la so definitely value for money la.. Im going to ask them pay me for helping to advertise le.. Anyway, after lunch my sis told me that her boss ask her go shopping cause office not yet done ma.. Oh My Gawd! Where to find boss like this? I also want leh.. Wah kao.. Tiew! @#$%^^&$! She still want complain nothing to do.. Muahahaha.. My ex supervisor came over to my seat today & pretend to be concern..

Ex Supervisor: Oh! So you are hiding here arr?
Me: Ya.. So?
Ex Supervisor: What you do here? Fun anot?
Me: *smiles as though it was funny*
Ex Supervisor: * walks away*

Kanina.. CCB.. What hiding? Im no criminal OKAY? You think lim bu there for fun de ar? Do i look like im having fun? Just want to see if im still alive there.. All the more i should work hard & prove them wrong.. Hmmm.. What if i didn't have to work at all? *shakes head vigorously & slaps myself twice..* STOP daydreaming my dear gal.. Sheila, you gotta get this idea out of your head.. There's no way you can stop working.. You got a family to take care of.. You are just unlucky to work in a company where people there don't understand you at all.. Well.. well.. well.. Look at my goodie 2 shoes twin speak.. Just listen to that! So true.. Im just plain unlucky.. Just 1 amendment.. Not don't understand.. Is don't even bother to try understand.. If they truly understand me, they wouldn't treat me like this.. What have i done wrong to make them dislike me so much? I don't even know a single fuck cause nobody bother to tell me a single shit abt anything.. Whatever.. I can't be bothered.. 1 thing though is i hate bosses who can't talk properly.. Not happy just speak up or scold la.. Want scream at me also can but inside the office la.. Why must talk sarcastic? Very funny meh? I don't think so lor.. Not feeling ticklish at all.. So what you are boss? If im a guy, the only "balls" you are gonna be is those 2 between my legs godamnit! I wanna go orh orh kun already.. Lack of beauty sleep.. Right now i just wanna lie on my comfortable bed & hug my "chou chou" to sleep.. WAIT! HOLD ON! I know what you gonna say.. Wah lau! So old le still got "chou chou".. Sssshhhh.. Better keep your mouth shut.. Don't comment.. Whoever insult my "chou chou" or me, i'll KILL you.. In my dreams.. Bhawahahaha.. Im serious! Ok.. I know this is gonna sound so kiddish but im still gonna say it.. Nitey nitez.. My sister worse.. What back to my lala land.. Wth? Lala is me & so since when do i have a land? Even if it exists, it belongs to me.. Kekeke.. I can see someone raising her fist at me.. Ok.. Gotta go! *makes a mad rush to the bedroom*


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