I Need Money.. Im Stressed.. I Wan To Cry!!!

Yesterday i went to the photo studio with deardear, my sis, quan kai & my mother.. We went to choose our wedding photos.. Out of 200 over photos, we chose 90 plus photos that look really nice.. I was very happy that the photos turn out so nice.. Totally out of my expectation.. Minus out the free 24 pieces of photo, i still have 60 plus photos.. The price was even more out of my expectations.. I had to pay 5k for the extra photos i wanted.. The price is really sky high though i'll get back my soft copy free if we spend 5k & more whereas you have to pay $1200 if you just want the soft copy.. I don't know what to do man.. I expected it to be around 3k plus.. In fact, price is not the issue.. It's how am i gonna dig out the 5k now? I've been thinking & thinking & thinking, but i still cannot get a solution.. I went into a fitful sleep & was almost late for work today.. Im still thinking.. In fact, im getting stress over this issue.. Im not exactly good in dealing with stress.. Couldn't concentrate on my work.. What should i do? I couldn't bear to give up all the photos.. It's once in a lifetime thing.. I may nvr get a chance to do all this anymore.. I don't wanna have any regrets left behind in my life.. I don't mind suffering for the sake of my marriage.. Im willing to quit smoking if that's what i have to do.. But what's the point of saying all this now? Nobody can help me & nobody will help me.. 5k is really alot unless i strike 4D.. Mayb i should try my luck this saturday.. Unless i get over this issue or i may not even have the mood to blog anymore.. Don't tell me to just get the 24 pieces free bacause the album won't look nice at all with so little photos.. Arghhhh!!! KILL ME!!!


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