I Want To Complain!

Transitlink aka Trans Island service sucks.. Every morning is the same.. The bus is always full.. Squeeze abit nvm but when the driver just drive off without you in the bus is another thing.. Too many people taking the same bus at the same time.. Like that i wake up so early for what? Suppose to take that timing's bus so i can reach office earlier but instead i only get to take the bus that allows me to reach the office just in time.. Sometimes im just lucky & sometimes due to unforseen circumstances im actually late for work.. It's not every company's manager will believe your story that it's the bus's fault.. It is just so freaking unfair.. Not only to me but to everyone who takes the same bus.. All bus drivers should have a feedback to their company.. Since they know that during a particular timing, there'll be more people taking the bus, they should use the longer bus instead of the normal 1.. Or they can also send out 2 buses at the same time or mayb a shorter interval timings between the bus just so everyone can get to their designated destinations on time.. Why increase the price of the bus fare when they cannot provide better services? This is so ridiculous.. Anyone who have anything to say on this kindly leave me a comment..


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