Im Blinded & I Can't Breath.. Life Is Just So Miserable..

Whoa! The moment the step out of office i thought im going blind.. Why everything look so blur? It's the stupid haze plus today is da lantern festival.. I wonder if the haze is from Indonesia or from all the burning of lanterns & sparklers by Singaporean parents & kids.. It must have been contributed by all this stupid Singaporeans.. They are so crazy to be playing all in the haze.. Think their lifespan too long le want cut short abit.. They don't wanna but also don't let their kids get involved too.. Anyway, i can feel my chest tightened up.. An asthma attack is on the way.. I tried my best to breath as slow as i can.. I wanted to take a cab back asap but somehow all the cabs seem to be avoiding me.. Why is there no one to fetch me when i need it the most? I tried walking to the main in hope of getting a cab faster but when i walked there, not a single car was in sight.. I gave up hope & walk away.. So guess what? The moment i walk away, 2 cab went past me.. Darn! I decide to walk back again & YES! No cars again.. What is wrong? I was adamant not to leave this time because i know once i walked away, i'll miss the chance of taking cab again.. After 15mins.. Waiting, waiting, waiting.. 30mins past.. Still waiting & waiting & waiting.. The haze is killing me.. Another 30mins went by & i finally got onto a cab.. I've waited for like more than an hour to get a cab.. All this while i could have taken bus & have reached home.. I swear im nvr gonna take cab again.. Err.. Unless neccessary..


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