Im Fustrated!!!

An ex friend told me to check out a blog namely xiaxue.. She was suppose to be 1 of the 1st few to start blogging & she got famous through that.. Why did i even listen to that friend & visit her blog? I remember.. He's single, a virgin & just purely desperate so obviously xiaxue aka wendy would look tempting to him.. I spent my 1 hour lunch break to look at her blog(be honoured alright?).. I once told him i wanted to improve on my english & so writing fuck words in my blog would make my english sound better? Whatever.. Well.. Though i admit she was a pretty good writer but she's way too princessy & snobbish for my liking.. We wouldn't be friends either cause im a low profile person & i enjoy being low profile.. This way, i can do whatever i like & i don't have to care abt my image wherever i go.. Im just plain too lazy.. Yes.. I admit im pretty jealous of her achievement at such a young age just through blogging but likewise i have a friend mamoyo whose also good in blogging.. Though she's not as famous as that xiaxue but she has a good amount of supporters too & i like the way she writes.. Anyway, im not really interested in becoming so famous as in the whole world knows who you are.. I don't think i can handle the kind of fame.. Criticisms i still can take it just because i too like to criticise people either i don't like the way they talk or they simply step on my devil's tail but not fame.. I like to live in peace though trouble keeps finding their way to me.. Being famous in blogging means you have to be really good in writing & of cause with a spice of bitchiness & a good body i guess which of all the above i do not possess.. Lots of people tell me i have good figure which i honestly doubt so.. They have not seen the amounts of fats i have & im still continously gaining.. Well.. If you really want me to say then mayb i can be considered being shameless.. Considering that im a thick skin person, nothing is too shameful for me i guess.. Of cause im not gonna discuss abt my sex life here.. It's purely for my own enjoyment which im not gonna share but if there's any questions, im willing to share some experience.. Just don't ask me to show you or even do it with you like some assholes actually have got the cheek to ask me.. I can be bitchy if i want but im only bitchy in front of my husband.. I just like to bitch ard here & there.. It makes life a lot more interesting i guess.. Ok.. The point here is.. Im actually just bullshitting ard.. The main purpose of my entry today is fuck someone upside down.. To let out all the anger & stress & fustration im having.. This time, im really pissed off.. Nothing can wash away my anger.. Im sick & tired of being a goodie goodie.. The devil in me is fighting to get out.. This is for you my dear ex friend.. You have the cheek to ask me what is wrong with you, i'll let you know in a cruel way.. I've been way too nice to you.. After today, you'll be history.. 1st of all, i would like to ask all my dear friends out there.. Which kind of fucker friend would put aeroplane & throw his temper on you for a gal he barely knew for a few months whereas your friendship with him is for more than a year? Unbelieveable.. If the gal doesn't like you then just forget it.. Stop making yourself look so fucking desperate.. When i say you are fat means you are.. Stop finding all sorts of excuses for yourself la.. Lazy is lazy.. Don't tell me you are not a sports person & don't fucking tell me you have slimmed down cause if that's the case i can see for my own eyes.. Obviously, you are just cheating on yourself & everybody ard you by sucking in the stomach.. It's not gonna work.. The moment a lazy person gets fat, there is no way for them to slim down.. Go look at yourself in the mirror la.. You have no looks, no figure, no charisma & worse of all, you have fucking attitude problem.. You are truly thick skin enough to go after gals like her.. It's bad enough that she has the same name as me.. At least im not a bitchy slut like her.. You 2 are the perfect match in a non-existing world.. Why don't you just kill yourself for being such a loser? You think im rather mean don't you.. This is what you get for treating your friends like shit.. Friends who truly care abt your welfare.. Who was there for you when you were down? Who gave you all the advise you need? Because of 1 slut, you turn your backs on us.. You only see other people's fault but nvr your own.. You can ask people to forget abt your faults because what's in the past is past.. It's just like asking me to let bygones be begones.. But have you yourself ever done that? Before you tell people what to do, go think if you are in the position to tell us off.. Stop bearing grudges.. You're just making your life fucking miserable then you'll go ard making other people's life just as miserable as yours.. We're not going to be affected by you.. It's perfectly fine for us because we don't need friends like you.. So stop telling us abt your non-stop, nvr-ending complains if you are not interested in listening to us at all.. We don't sweet talk.. We speak our minds.. We tell you what's truly good for you.. If you want sweet talkers who'll lick your arse, go look for your other worthy of the job friends.. Spare us all the nonsensical talks.. Stop all your stupid boasting on how good you are when you are just nothing.. If you're that good, you wouldn't have to complain.. You did not even bother to put in minimal effort to make things right so why should we care? We are more than willing to accept who you are.. Your true self.. But time & again, you betrayed our trust in you.. *pauses for a moment*...... *starts screaming hysterically*.... Whew! Finally let out all my fustration.. Continue to be so stubborn & you'll slowly lose your friends.. Friends who continue staying with you just cannot be bothered with all your nonsense .. STOP bothering me & GET OUT of my life.. I do not need you to come interfere & make my life miserable as though it's not bad enough.. 1 piece of advise though.. GET A LIFE SUCKER!!! Alright! You can go cry to your mama & tell her what a bitch i am for bullying you.. Im a spoilt brat.. So what? Im unreasonable.. So what? Im mean.. SO WHAT? All this has got nothing to do with you anymore.. It n.o NO! None of your fucking business.. Hate me for all you want because i hate you too! Get your gal & fuck off.. Nvr ever turn up in my sight ever again.. I'll get serious sore eyes.. I may even go blind.. You are the 1st person to make me bear hatred.. Congratz!


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