Incredible! Just Too Incredible..

It's amazing how 1 thing can lead to another.. 2 days ago, my friend was talking about clear & salt water then i told i just watch Jaws the night before.. From there, another friend said something about Dreamworks.. How they create the special effect from all the movies.. Link to disneyland then to Japan (Tokyo).. See? Amazing right? It's incredible.. Likewise, a casual remark can also lead to a quarrel.. What the hell? Right.. I was talking about what happened yesterday that made my mood so foul.. Once again, it's my mum for friends out there who guessed correctly if you know my history.. No prizes though.. It doesn't matter if she didn't believe what i said even though i must say i speaked the truth.. She didn't have to scream & shout at me.. Say that im a liar, cooking up stories.. Why the hell would i do that for? It doesn't benefit me at all honestly speaking.. I feel so damn sad & angry.. Why is my mother treating me like this? Am i not her daughter? Im most probably picked up by her at a rubbish bin or she adopted me from an orphanage.. Im an orphan.. A lonely orphan.. I only wanted my mum to be more understanding me.. She just can't do it.. It's like we have been born enemies since our existence.. We are meant to fight each other till the day 1 of us die.. God let me know if that is really the case.. From now onwards, im gonna just ignore her & not care a single fuck about her anymore.. Easier said than done.. :(


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