This morning i had a quarrel with my hubby.. Over what? His mother.. Sighz.. I just don't like the way his mother talk.. Yeah.. I may have sound mean but i just stand it.. Why everything also must know? Everything also want to control.. Im dead de izzit? He need a wife for what? For goodness sake, her son is an adult not 3 yr old small kid anymore.. She so good then take care of all his account name & password la.. Don't know then learn la.. Talk talk talk so much.. Everything also money money money.. Sick & tired of all this bullshit.. Hearing got problem then wear the ear piece that allows her to hear better la.. Always talk so loud.. Shout shout shout.. She's deaf not me.. Not deaf also let her shout until deaf.. Why everyday also must quarrel? Why can't i have a peaceful time? Just had a quarrel with my mum.. Why she everyday also so nonsense? It's always about money, money & money.. Im going crazy soon.. I need to start drinking again.. Drown my sorrows.. Who want to join me?


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