Today is the 4th day he's gone.. Slept till 5pm plus today.. Work up with a headache & fever.. Was it last night's Bailey's Coffee? Nah.. I doubt so.. I'm not exactly a lousy drinker though i have not been drinking for some time.. Deardear msg me today telling how stress he is as he have got not enough men for his exercise tomorrow.. Poor thing.. How i wish im there with him now.. I feel so helpless.. I can do nothing for him & my problems are not settled yet.. Went to meet Wilson to pass him something then i went my mum's home to play mahjong with my sis & her boyfriend.. Still feeling sick & tomorrow still got to go to work.. My brother came over my place to play game & disturb my sleep.. Wahaha.. Wondering if i can still sleep after sleeping for so long today.. Have to try i guess else tomorrow i'll be on mc & i just simply can't do that.. Gotta show them i'm not useless.. Don't think that i'm a weakling..


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