Slept till very late today.. Still recovering from a terrible shock.. Last night was a totally unforgettable experience for me.. 1st, my friends (do not want to mention names here) play me out at the very last minute after i reach Orchard.. I thought they were my best sisters.. Very sad.. Anyway, my initial intention was to only meet my Vincent Kor so nothing to be angry about.. At least he did not play me out but he made me wait an hour for him.. Saw alot of funny people out there while waiting in Orchard.. Not really in the mood to describe this people now.. I had dinner with Kor at Chicago Steakhouse located in Cineleisure.. The steak was really nice with their wild mushroom sauce.. Totally cool.. After that, we decided to go see see look look Vivo City so we took off & drove there but happen next was unexpected.. I've seen so many car accidents happen & the fact that i'm also a driver, i take precautions not to go knocking into someone else's backside.. I don't like kissing ass.. Least did i expect that someone will come knocking into me.. But then again, back to what happen, a taxi came from behind & *BANG!* onto my precious rear bumper.. I was shocked then i was like damn! Wtf happened? I got down the car to see that my rear bumper was a total wrecked.. What pissed me off was that the taxi driver actually just offer to pay a mere $30 for the whole damage he made.. I almost went ranting at him.. I so much wanted to shout at him.. "Hello Uncle! You think i'm a damn fucking 3 yr old kid izzit? 30 bucks for all this shit? You think i'm a fucking beggar who can't afford to take out 30 bucks for a meal izzit? Chao chee bye! Just changing the bumper itself will cost a fucking $1000.. Kanina.. Who you trying to cheat here?" He was pretty lucky that kor was trying to hold me back by intercepting in our conversation & the fact that i have not recovered from the shock.. In the end, instead of screwing him upside down, i just manage enough strength to get his car plate number, name & phone number.. Bloody stupid comfort taxi idiotic, cheater, bald headed uncle.. I'm going to sue you & claim your bloody insurance.. I was pretty surprised that my mum did not scream & shout at me for what happen.. Hmmm.. After all, it wasn't my fault.. She went knocking & banging into other people's car without getting fucked so why should i, the victim get fucked for? Not as if i wanted it to happen.. Anyway, she should be feeling happy as she's going to get a new bumper.. She should really thank me for it.. A shocking experience that i'll nvr forget.. Consider myself lucky that no one was hurt in the process..


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