Some Thoughts..

Last night as i was reaching home, i saw 2 nuns.. Not from temple de but from church.. 1 of the nun look very young.. Think she's even younger than me.. I was thinking why is she so silly.. She's gonna lose so much fun being a typical teenager.. Today is the 2nd day deardear left my side.. I can still feel his presence by my side but i know it's not real.. I have to get out of this hallucination soon.. I have got to learn to survive without him by my side.. I can almost see the benefits of not having him by my side.. I get to spend some time with friends i have not contact for a long time.. But still, i miss him so much.. As i was going down for a puff, suddenly this thought strike my mind exactly like what my sis told me.. The transfer of department might just be a scam.. They wanted me to teach the temp girl all the procedures of my job & they're gonna kick me out.. Now, they're just keeping me in case the temp girl cannot make their expectations or after her contract with the company end she might not want to continue staying.. I certainly hope it's not that case.. But, who knows right? Looks like i can only stay till the end of the project & im out of this place.. Cool... How wonderful... Am i suppose to be happy? Anyway, i'll be going out with bee bee tonight.. That thought certainly lift up my spirits a teeny weeny bit.. I hope to get over this shitty phase of life as soon as possible..


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