Stinky Is In The Air

The haze is terrible.. Plus it stinks.. The moment i step out of the office on my way to ta pau food back for my colleagues, i thought i walk into Zoological Gardens.. The haze was nothing.. It was the smell.. Couldn't breath.. I almost choke & suffocate to death if i didn't run as fast as i could into the indoor foodcourt.. Luckily, i did not have an asthma attack & drop dead on the spot.. Taking in the air is even more hazardous then smoking.. So dear parents, be glad that your child smokes.. At least we blow out whatever we take in rather then just sniff in all the smoke & die as a passive smoker.. Either way, we are gonna die so just take it easy man.. To all fellow non-smokers Singaporeans.. Since you guys are so good complaining.. Why don't you guys call up the neighbouring country & complain to them? Tell them to put their trees in a yellow box so the trees can light up, start burning & smoke without causing harm to YOUR PRECIOUS health? We smokers are filthy people to you guys anyway.. Doesn't matter what kind of smoke we take in.. Therefore, we die happy.. We don't worry about how smoke is gonna affect our health & therefore we are not being bothered too much about life & death.. No Worries, Be Happy!


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