Suppose to meet Bobby today but he last min cannot meet me cause his friend not free so in the afternoon i went out with fatso kor.. Haha.. That's a good 1.. Fatso kor.. Ok la.. He insist that he slim down le so i shall close 1 eye & agree.. Now i know what it feels like to go against your own conscience.. Wahaha..

So nice hor? Fatso Kor, give me leh..

Heh heh.. You wait long long..

Humph! Don't friend you le.. You stupid fat ass!
Initially, we wanted to watch movie de but didn't want to go town so we end up at Great World City.. It's been ages since i've been there.. Not much nice movies & was feeling hungry so ended at the Fish & Co. opposite Plaza Singapura.. So lame.. We ordered a Seafood Platter for 2 & share.. It comes in a really big portion & it taste pretty nice too.. Just that i don't take mussels & calamaris.. Hope i got the spelling right.. So fatso kor had to force those calamaris down his throat.. Haha.. He like eat until he want vomit le.. He say he's nvr coming here to eat with me again.. So mean.. After that, i went to meet my sis & khai.. Together, we went to City Link as i wanted to get a new pair of heels since my old 1 was kind of like dropping colours.. It's as though it's telling me that it's dying soon.. I've over used it's lifespan le.. We walked through the whole of City Link but couldn't find a pair i like.. We wanted to end our day at Bukit Timah Market for dinner but my mother suddenly call & say my brother hurt himself at his friend's house so gotta go fetch him then we thought might as well take a ride to Yishun Dam after sending my brother back.. Almost lost our way as we went further in & couldn't get out.. It's was kind of scary & creepy.. Im nvr going back there again.. Damn it!


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