When the time for me to leave office is coming, i was called into the office by Allan.. I thought this time im gonna get sacked le.. But i think back about it.. I've done nothing wrong so there's no reason for me to get sacked.. I felt nervous but after what he told me, there was a big smile on my face.. He's going to transfer me to another department.. It seems that there is an on going project called Touch & he need a perm staff there and im to transfer over tomorrow.. So fast.. He hope i can master whatever i can as fast as possible & if possible, help him lead the admin team for that project.. Cool.. Sound nice right? Whatever it is, i don't really care.. To me, it's just a break from the usual daily routine.. I talked to him about my confirmation thing & he said there was a mis-communication & it seems that my supervisor was the 1 refusing to confirm me.. She told me it was Allan.. Wtf? They are just being so unfair to me.. But he promise me this time after i transfer to the new department & do my job well he'll give me an answer on my confirmation end of this month.. I really hope so as i've been waiting so long for an answer be it a yes or no.. They are going to transfer a temp staff from that department to take over my things therefore im suppose to hand over my things & teach her everything.. Tomorrow is gonna be a busy day..


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