Take care!

Dear friends, the haze is getting worse.. Pls take care but i hope the PSI can hit 300 by next monday so can escape from work.. Hehe.. No la.. Just joking.. The haze is killing me.. Few times i almost had an asthma attack but i manage to curb it.. Might not be so lucky if this continues.. This morning had to wake up early to go deardear camp fetch him as he was on duty last night.. 1 stupid white colour Mazda keep tailgating me don't know for what sia.. Must be not happy i overtake him.. Don't want people overtake then don't drive so slow la.. Car big so what? Can show off & bully people arr? Stupid.. Though i drive a 1.5 Toyota Vios but im proud of it.. Today my wardrobe, tv console, coffee table & dining table came.. Finally my home look more like a home.. Went to Singtel to apply for internet.. Very soon i'll have internet in my own home & don't have to keep going back to my parent's house to use the internet.. So ma fan.. After that me & deardear went to M1 to renew his line & get a new phone.. Then we sold the phone to get extra cash.. No choice.. Very poor.. Anyway, the money we gave it to my mum for the air ticket but it's just for 1 person.. Better then nothing i guess.. Went home for dinner then go meet Wilson talk cock & we send him back to camp.. Came back from camp & here i am blogging.. Tomorrow need to go settle my wedding photos.. Sianz.. Go watch tv loh..


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