To people out there who thought i was pretty mean in my previous entry.. I wasn't talking abt you so keep your mouth shut & mind your own business.. Obviously, you don't know me well enough.. I wanna say thanks to friends who are understanding & supported me.. You guys are my true friends who truly know what kind of person i am.. Dear ex friend, i forgive you for the time being.. Try not to do anything stupid to piss me off again alright? Do not judge on me too quickly because you don't know what kind of person i am.. Yes.. I can be very mean & sarcastic when i want to but so what? Im like this.. This is my blog.. I have every right to write what i want.. A friend of mine was right.. A blog is a place for me to vent my anger & let off some steam that was accumulated from my mudane working life instead of venting my anger on another person.. A place for me to put in my inner thoughts.. Why should i bother what others say? If im bad & mean then you are far worse than me.. There are people who are even worse than me but i don't see them caring abt what others say so why should i? This is my freedom.. If you don't like what you read here for goodness sake pls fuck off.. Don't come & disrupt my pathetic life.. You were being warned before you even start reading my blog.. In case you are blind, let me kindly remind you again.. Love me for who i am.. Scram off from my blog if you hate me.. Im not going to beg you to stay & read.. This blog is purely for the pleasure of my friends who enjoy my sick sense of humour, not a place for you to throw your malicious comments at.. Bah! Don't come & tell me what i should or should not do.. Fuck you! I ain't some kind of clown you know? I hate people who insult & discriminate me & my friends.. Friends like mamoyo.. Why don't you guys just fucking get a life? If you want to get to know me better, i'll open my arms & welcome you but if that's not the case then SCRAM! Btw, i don't think i owe you people any explanations either.. Waste of my precious time.. Dear friends out there who has been waiting for this moment to come, good news to you.. Sheila The Great Devil is back.. More evil than before.. Though i must say that i have not lied in every single entries i've posted previously but im sick & tired of being a goodie goodie.. The evil me is back.. Back for good though i'll still try to be nice once awhile.. I promise.. Im a kind hearted person in nature leh.. *Phui! Phui! Phui!* Aha! I know what some of you are doing behind my back ok? Anyway, this morning while i was waiting for the "everyday also full" bus i take to work come i saw this cyclist coming along my way.. He kind of try to act cool in front by doing some stunts in front of me thinking he might have impressed me.. Inside my mind i was praying so hard that he falls & make a fool of himself.. Wahahaha... I shot him a i wasn't so impressed look & he went away.. Just his luck to meet me when im feeling grouchy.. After i got on the bus i was lucky to get a seat & in came another woman with (im guessing) her daughter & OH MY GOD! She put pink colour eye shadow on her daughter.. That's so funny cause i think that cute young thing is only abt 4 yrs old.. What a joke.. I wonder how many people are actually staring at them but there was 1 particular auntie sitting just right opposite of us gave a "this is so ridiculous.. what kind of mother is she" look.. I felt like slapping her not because she stared at the cute little gal & her mother but because she have this very qian bian look.. I was really tempted to do so but on second thoughts, i might dirty my hand.. Forget it.. Work is boring as usual.. I feel like im being locked up in prison except that i get to walk ard & go for smoke breaks.. ALRIGHT!!! Stop asking me to quit smoking.. Please... After work, i went to take a bus to go meet my sis, khai & jackson.. Again, while i was waiting for the bus to come.. A mother of 2 & probably the grandmother of the 2 kids came to the bus stop & sat in front of me.. I was so tired that i was just sitting there staring into space.. Just so happen that indirectly, it looks as though im staring at the 2 kids.. Suddenly, i was knocked out of my day dreaming.. I realised that their black faced grandmother just shot me a very dirty look.. I took seconds to figure out why she did that.. PUH...LEASE la auntie.. You think your 2 grand daughters very cute meh? Kanasai arr.. As though i may just abduct them anytime.. I wouldn't want it even if you gave them to me for free.. My kids will be far more better than your 2 noisy like hell grand daughters so stop staring at my beautiful face.. It's always nice to meet Jackson.. He nvr fails to make me laugh.. We waited for my sis (who is always good in making people wait for her) to come.. Then we waited again for Khai to come then we proceed to have dinner.. After that, we went to see my sis's new office then we went back.. So here i am after a refreshing hot bath, waiting for my hair to dry.. *Yawn* ZzZ... ZzZ... ZzZ...


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