Wahhhh.. Stupid people.. Lock me at home today.. Was trapped the whole day at my mum's home today.. I do not have keys & everyone was out working.. My mother-in-law called & ask why i did not go home.. I told her what happen & she laughed at me.. Kao.. Waited for my brother to come back & release me.. After that, my sis ask me to go her workplace wait for her & she really made me wait like a idiot there for her.. 1 hour plus do nothing except just walk ard the same area.. I don't know how many times i actually walk pass her office.. You chee bye.. Next time not so early get off work don't ask me come so early la.. Knn.. Make me look like a bloody fool.. Wait until i got hungry.. My mum came as well & she was also complaining abt how long we had to wait.. She say go buy things then leave me all alone there.. Sianz.. After she finish her work, we went to fetch khai & my brother & we are on our way home.. That pretty much ends my day.. Boring hor? None of your business la..


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