Went to deardear's CSM house warming at Yishun yesterday.. The decoration of the house is very simple but yet nice.. His CSM's niece very cute but also very itchy hand.. Heard she was born in the year of monkey.. No wonder.. Still, she's pretty adorable minus the hand la.. Had a mahjong session there with deardear, sam & a lady we don't really know.. Guess is the relative of his CSM.. Won about $5.. Borrowed a few games from his CSM & ta pau some food from Boon Lay Market & we went home.. After dinner we played some games then SCV was showing God Of Gamblers so we decided to watch the show.. Watch until fall asleep.. Just too tired i guess.. Woke up around 12pm today.. Wanted to go back office open some files as i'll be pretty busy next week but deardear's parents wants to go COURTS.. Deardear told his dad to wait awhile cause we wanted to wait for my mum come back so we can use the car so he told his dad to go eat 1st.. Who expected his father to get agitated for waiting awhile & decided to throw his temper & just walk away.. So end up i didn't manage to get to office or COURTS.. We just wash the car downstairs our house.. I ever saw his father get angry once.. Refuse to talk to deardear for few days de.. Just like a small kid.. Sighz.. But who am i to comment? Tried calling his mother & found out that they went to IKEA so we went there to fetch them & proceed back to have dinner.. After so many days, my toe still hurts.. The process is truly painful.. Now im just stress about my work.. Opening new files are such a pain in the ass as office so budget they don't provide new files.. You have to take out whatever documents you have in the older files, tie them up & leave it in the cabinets.. Then you have to name all the files.. Not just the outside but the inside too as there are so many different kinds of models with so many different kinds of work orders.. I also have to file fault calls.. What a pain in the ass.. I have to open at least 20 files for 1 month & nobody to help.. God Damn It! I feel like just burning all the documents into ash.. I always get extremely agitated during end of the month because of all the file thingys so pls take note & do not irritate me when end of the month is nearing..


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