Yesterday i woke up ard 4pm plus.. Sleep until like PIG like that.. I woke up cause my sis called & disturb my sleep else i would still be sleeping.. *gasp!* Hahaha.. Was her turn to get trapped at home.. Ask me go release her.. Wahahaha.. SO lame.. My family is so totally lame.. What can i do? I can't help it that we are so lame.. But so what? It's more fun this way.. I woke up & got ready then i went back to release her & send her to IMM cause she need to go back office do something.. Her 2 boss is so stupid.. Can't do simple things like printing invoice still dare to open shop.. Feel like kicking their ass.. Everything also waiting for my sis to do for them but yet pay so little only.. Go & die la chee bye kias.. Only know how to go racing.. I hope both of you bang, crash, burn & die la.. Bully my sista.. Nvr die before izzit? Knn.. My mum gave birth to this sis is to let me bully de.. Not up to you people out there to bully de.. I've said get lost before so now i'm going to ask you to FUCK OFF! I say so before that she mayb stupid & naive at times but that doesn't mean you can take advantage of her.. Only i have the authority & privilege of doing so.. Ok.. Enough of that.. I hope you get my meaning though.. I went GIANT to buy something for Julianne's house warming.. Walk for quite awhile before i decide to get her an oven.. Heard that she likes to cook alot & if i'm not wrong, she doesn't have an oven at home.. Me & deardear waited for my sis to finish her things then we went to fetch Wilson & Khai go for dinner at Kim Seng Plaza.. Fatso kor also came along.. We went to have the prawn noodles there.. It was really nice.. People who like to eat prawn should try their prawn noodles.. Live prawns leh.. Their soup also superb.. Herbal soup wor.. *Slurp!* But guys better don't drink too much cause there's dang gui in the soup.. Nose bleed not my business arr.. After dinner, fatso kor say his friend(a bunch of losers) go fishing then ask if we want to go see see look look.. I say ok lor since nothing much to do also.. Went to a super wulu place at Punggol there.. Knn.. Go there more like lia gao than fishing lor.. Chee bye.. Waste my time.. Suddenly felt like going prawn fishing.. Haven't gone for like ages.. I miss the feeling of the prawn hooking up on my rod.. We decided to leave that something like haunted place, go back home change then go prawn fishing.. But, who knows when we got home already too tired, so we ended up playing mahjong.. Play until today morning than go home sleep.. Look into the mirror & saw panda eyes.. Well.. Obviously, i woke up late for Julianne's house warming but she's holding 2 sessions of house warming so i still have time for the 1st one as people from that stupid company is going for the 2nd one & i'm SO not interested in seeing some of them.. After house warming, i went to DBS Auditorium as Bobby had invited me there to listen to a talk by 1 of their successful member in Amway from China.. It was a rather refreshing talk.. Changed some of my concept abt the company.. It's not really that difficult to be part of it.. I decided to join since deardear also so supportive of me joining.. Who will say no to extra money right? Anyone interested in joining do let me know.. Trust me.. It'll be interesting to learn more abt money making & it's pretty fun.. It'll be really worth it.. I don't lie.. Yeah.. I don't.. Anyway, we had dinner at Rocky's Pizza.. That place sucks.. ONLY the pizza is nice.. Yes.. ONLY the PIZZA! Damn.. The rest of the food sucks.. Nvr ever order their pasta & soup.. Their 7-up taste so much like tap water.. Even tap water taste nicer.. Obviously this idiots here are trying to cheat our money by adding water to the soft drinks.. Shit man! I feel so dumb.. I'm so much nvr going back there again.. Went for a ride after dinner & went home after that & here i am writing my blog.. Just finish reading my friend Mamoyo's blog while writing my own.. She's closing down her blog.. Damnit! Those fucking son-of-a-bitch anonymous.. Just can't keep their tongues to themselves.. Why do they have to be such a fucking bastard/bitch & keep on ranting & insulting other people? Just what is their problem? Is this what you get when you become too popular?


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