27th November 2006 21:55 hours was a tragic moment for Mr Fatso Tan Wen Wen & his worst nightmare.. His wife was in a total wreck.. Yes.. His wife, a Honda Civic got into a car accident.. It was a rainy night and the roads were slippery.. Luckily he managed to swerve her aside & only 1 side of her eyes was injured but badly injured.. Only a professional can help her now.. I think she need to do plastic surgery.. I almost thought she wouldn't survive..

Ok.. Enough story telling.. I know i made it sound very tragic but fatso's wife really met with an accident.. It's fate ba.. He did too many bad things le so now karma.. Ok la.. Just joking la.. I not so evil..

His car was his everything & at that moment i think his world came crashing down on him & his OC refuse to let him take leave the next day to settle his car & insist that he must go back to camp to do his SOC.. Pitiful? Yes.. Deserve my pity? NO! Serve him right.. He pretty well deserve it.. I know his OC is a fucking chee bye la but still, alot things is he ask for it de.. If he would just try his best to clear his SOC, none of this shit would have happened.. He always got the mentality that he won't be able to pass his SOC so no point going back & definitely not willing to put in the effort.. Say him also not happy.. Want shout at me somemore.. From now onwards, you settle your own things.. Don't come & complain to me.. I'm not interested in listening to rubbish.. Clog up my brain & kill my brain cells.. Uh ah.. No thanks..

I would prefer to act blur & live longer if you would just respect my decision.. Thank you very much..


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