Cho bo lanz today.. Went over to my mum's place to watch scv.. Watch until 6pm plus then go home bath.. Met fatso kor (i've yet to forgive him), my sis & khai go IMM for dinner.. We went to HOSHI Japanese Restaurant & had TEPPANYAKI! Yum Yum! I haven't eaten teppanyaki for quite some time.. Today deardear take pay so go & eat.. I took photos of the food we ate but too lazy to download into my com plus i don't want people to start dripping salivas all over their keyboard.. Haha.. Ok ok.. I'm just fucking lazy.. Went for a spin ard Tuas area & Lim Chu Kang.. Fatso kor ham ji.. Don't dare go into the cemetry.. Bah! So be it.. Went home after that cause fatso kor going out to meet the "gal of his dream" aka "da BITCH!" My tamagotchi so cute.. 1 yr old le.. Hehe.. Ok la.. Want go play game le..


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