Hmmm.. Let's see.. Alright.. I haven't been blogging for a few days mainly due to the fact that nothing much has been happening in my life & i haven't been getting into any action so nothing much to write abt, therefore i decide to compile 3 days into 1 post.. Ahahaha.. So lame.. Anyway, monday morning i sent my mum to work then we proceed on to SIR building as Khai need to change a new passport & deardear need to do his 1st passport.. It's was simple.. Just fill up the form, pay, drop into the box for collection & you can collect your passport on friday if nothing goes wrong.. Fatso kor came along also.. After that, we send Khai to work & we went back to our house to collect something which i forget & fatso kor also need to take his car.. What i didn't know was that my mother-in-law had her friends at our house.. I was kind of shocked & what i was irritated abt was that when they saw me, they ask my mother-in-law "Ni de xi fu arr?" *whisper.. whisper.. whisper..* OMG! So embarassing lor.. I took my things & get out of the house asap.. We decided to go to SP for lunch as it was pretty near to the place i had to send my car to but who knows when we reach that place, deardear had a small accident with the car.. I was so pissed off with him.. The car is supposed to be sent for repair today & yet he gave me this kind of shit.. Really damn angry.. I just shouted at him like nobody's business.. After awhile, i felt really bad abt it.. I felt bad for shouting at him & i felt bad for the damage.. Sighz.. Who ask him to be my husband? I didn't have to mood eat & deardear went to ta pau for me the chicken chop there.. It's cheap & nice la.. We send the car for repair & went home to have our lunch.. It was really unbelievable.. After lunch, i felt drowsy as i didn't really sleep the previous night & so i went to take a nap.. Deardear woke me up ard 7pm plus.. I took my dinner & guess what? I went back to sleep again.. OMFG! What is happening to me? I take it that it's cause of my wisdom tooth which is hurting me like mad.. That just ends my day.. Pathetic! Tuesday was equally boring except the fact that i went to IMM to accompany my sister for lunch.. Rent 2 dvds, Click & Ice Age 2 from the PLAY machine at West Mall.. Meet up with fatso kor at night.. Went to pick up my invitation cards for my wedding.. Initially, we wanted to see his friend help him tune his car but decided to go home play monopoly with my sis, bro & khai.. Deardear fell asleep as usual.. In the end, i won the game.. Yeah.. I'm the Queen of Monopoly.. Hahaha.. Today, we just finish watching the dvds & returned it.. Met fatso kor to West Coast mac ta pau something & we're home to watch Jaws 3.. I as a good cook.. *ahem!* fried them some eggs to go with the show, drank abit of vodka that deardear bought back when he came back from thailand & now i'm off to grab some sleep.. Good nitez..


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