I can't sleep so here i am writing my blog in hope that i can bore myself to sleep reading my own post.. Life sucks when you are out of job for a period of time.. You do nothing at home but wasting your life away.. It's good to take a break but not for too long.. You become rusty.. You think of sex everyday.. Everyday is the same.. Today was even worse.. Deardear went for his unit anniversary thus leaving me all alone at home with his MOTHER! I woke up in the afternoon & played online game the whole day till deardear comes back.. After dinner, i'm still playing game.. Really sucky.. Deardear wasn't too happy & fatso kor also scold me.. Why can't they understand the passion i have for games? There's nothing for me to do now except play games & all they expect me to do is act like 1 stupid idiot sit down there quietly & accompany them.. Wtf? The world is so unfair..


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