I had a bad bad scare of my life last night.. Deardear & Wilson came home ard 11plus to fetch me go my mum's place cause they wanna play mahjong.. They waited for me while i bath.. As usual, i came out of the toilet with my towel wrapped ard me walking towards the room to change.. As i open the door & take a step into the room, a big, black thingy flew past my face.. I started screaming hysterically & jumping ard like a mad woman shouting for my hubby to come.. It was a big big flyable cockroach the size of 2 $1 coin joined together.. So fucking disgusting.. I hate cockroaches.. I fucking HATE cockroaches.. Especially those that can fly.. They are such a fucking disgusting pest.. Damnit! I need to hire a pest controller who can stay at my house full time so that at any time, he can kill all those pest for me except gentle insects like ants, moths & butterflies that do not actually do much harm to human.. I will pay him $5 for every insect he captures.. Muahahaha.. Prepare to meet your doom pesky insects.. Today was the usual.. Just play game until deardear go back camp except that some idiot called me using private & starting breathing heavily.. 1 of those nuisance calls again.. I told the guy pls la.. Practice more before you call.. You don't fucking turn me on at all.. I can do even better than you lor.. Kaoz.. Why do some people like to make nuisance call so much? They are just proving what a nuisance they are lor.. What is the purpose of doing it & where is the satisfaction if the person on the other line doesn't get irritated at all? Simply don't understand what they thinking.. Got balls then make nuisance call to police station la.. I teach you how to dial.. The number is 999.. Tomorrow start work loh.. Gotta go sleep liaoz..


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