Last night, we went to malaysia again.. This time with fatso kor, wilson, deardear & me only.. Fucking fatso kor made us wait like bunch of idiots for him.. Fucker! Always make us wait.. Go & die la.. Anyway, we just went in to eat, pump petrol & buy cigarettes.. BUT! It's deardear's 1st trip to malaysia.. 1st chop on his 1st passport.. Virgin trip.. Haha..

Today suppose to go swimming de but bee bee dua me again.. Fucking chee bye.. Why people ard me always like this de? Knn.. Give a better excuse la if don't know how to lie.. The moment she tell me she's going clubbing, i knew she wouldn't be able to wake up in time.. Why must lie? Better still, don't give any excuse at all.. Fucking hell make people piss off.. Where got people early 4am message say period come then cannot go de? It's so damn fucking obvious.. Even my sister as a slow thinker also know she's lying lor.. Mayb she more stupid than my sis.. I don't know man.. What did i do to deserve friends like this? Ask me call her in the afternoon so she can come meet me for lunch.. Fine! I still stupid go & call her.. Then? She did not answer la.. Evening then call me say sorry.. For FUCK?

Damn tulan.. Go eat steamboat with my sister, khai & deardear.. Fatso kor call me & say his brother found a rather cute silky terrier but since they can't keep it cause their mother is a fucking chee bye, chao chee bye, pua chee bye, lao chee bye.. I don't know la.. Fatso kor say de.. Kekeke.. Ok.. I frame him.. Is i say de.. Don't know why got people so fuck up de.. I thought my mother is the worst but his mother is even worse.. They can fight le.. On par man.. I was thinking of putting them together & let them fight till both they die & spare everyone the torture.. Erm.. Ok.. Abt the silky terrier.. My sister happily accepted the dog as it look so much like the previous dog we had though it's slightly bigger in size cause it's a silky & not a yorkshire but i still think Danny looks cuter.. He look like a fucking mouse more than a dog.. I believe it's fate as today is exactly the day after 7 months that Danny passed away.. 18th April 2006.. The saddest day in our life.. He left our lives without me seeing him 1 last time..


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