MAYDAY MAYDAY! No.. I ain't talking abt the band la.. It's really mayday.. Heavy storm coming up.. Pls take cover while you still can.. Get back to your house before you drown in the storm.. Everybody safe? Good.. Phew! End of year season.. Everday also raining.. Most of the bus stops actually flood with all the rain water.. Scary wor.. Yesterday's was 1 of the worse for this week.. The thunder & lightning totally freaked me out.. I wonder if the lightning actually hit the building cause there was a blackout in the office.. I was there all alone at the office lobby.. Not much light was shining thru the glass door as the the sky outside is very dark.. The only thing that was emiting light is the fish tank.. Suddenly those goldfishes look very eerie.. Alright! Stop here.. I'm freaking myself out by writing all this but it's true.. It really happened.. I'm not so free to tell some kind of story that doesn't exist at all.. Actually the goldfish look scary cause of the light shining on them so they are the only things that is visible to the eyes.. It seems as though their body are glowing.. Eeeyer.. Ok.. Stop! STOP! Itchy hand stop typing before i chop you off..

Er.. Let's talk abt something nice.. Hmmm.. Ok.. I got it.. My colleague sooooo sweet.. His name is Christopher.. In short, we just call him Chris.. He's always the 1 to send me & a bunch of other female colleagues go for lunch as the nearest hawker centre is not exactly within walking distance.. Tuas ma.. What you expect? Ok.. Anyway, he was also the guy who helped me catch mousey.. Why i say he sweet? Cause he knows that i'm all alone downstairs so since he got speakers in his office, he gave it to me (Woohoo!) so now i can listen to songs or radio from com instead of listening from MP3.. Don't need waste battery le.. So? Sweet hor? Then today morning the moment he stepped in, he ask abt my keyboard as he knows that is kind of hard to press as the buttons are too hard & more protruding than the normal keyboards so he immediately went up & brought another easier to use keyboard & change my usual 1.. Wow! What can i say? Too touched for words.. The people here are just so nice..

I had a weird dream last night.. It's seems to be trying to tell me something.. I'm not very sure though.. I almost woke up crying.. I'm recording it down just in case i forget abt it.. I dreamt abt a father & son.. In my dream, i seem to be very close to this 2 person & i know the son since young.. They live in a rented attap house if i'm not wrong.. Slowly as i start to grow up, i start seeing less of them until we don't see each other anymore but they ever promise me that as long as i wanted, they would stay there forever..

Many years later, me & my parents decided to visit.. We were unsure if they still lived there & i was unsure if they still remember the promise they made to me.. I let my parents go up 1st as i have mixed feelings.. I seem to have let them down by not visiting them for so many years since they treated me so well throughout my childhood days & i didn't know how sad & disappointed i'll feel if they no longer stay there.. Suddenly, i heard voices upstairs.. Suddenly i had the urge to just run up & i did.. The moment i saw them, i had a overwhelming feeling washed over & within me.. I ran over to hug them.. I couldn't control myself anymore & started crying.. They remembered & kept their promise to me even though i didn't visit them for so many years..

That's when the idiotic handphone alarm rang & woke me up from this dream i had.. It seems so vague & yet feels so real.. I really felt like crying when i sat on bed thinking back of the dream i had.. I wonder who are the 2 person & how am i related to them? Do they really exist?

I do not know how to describe this dream i had.. It seems to be such a beautiful dream but it seems so eerie to be dreaming abt 2 people whom you don't even know yet they feel so close to me.. To me, they are people who i can nvr reach unless i dream of them which i doubt i'll ever have this dream again so i can nvr find out who they are.. It's seems so near but yet feels so far.. This dream will always remain a mystery to me..


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