My sister is going to be the death of me.. Told her that i have to leave home by 7.30am but at 7.30am, she's (going to my office for interview) still in the toilet bathing.. WTF? The journey to the my office will take at least an hour plus i still need to walk in a distance which will take ard another 10mins to reach.. At the rate she's going, i'll definitely be late for work.. Not that i really care since i'm just a temp staff but it's a personal discipline & habit to be punctual.. If i knew she's going to take such a long time, i could have slept abit longer.. Extra 5-10mins i also song(4).. End up i was 5mins late lor.. Knn.. Lucky my supervisor nvr say anything.. Today, the bus driver fierce sia.. Among so many bus driver i saw, this is the most unfriendly 1.. He shouted at almost every bus stop for people to move to the back.. That's how pathetic Singaporeans are.. Get shouted every morning.. He also horn at every possible moment.. I guess the bus driver must be in a bad mood.. I was kind of irritated by his shouting but on the other hand, if our fellow Singaporeans would be so kind enough to be abit more "auto", none of them would have to suffer this kind of humiliation.. When there getting less people on the bus, he got no one to shout to anymore, he concentrated on horning cars on the road.. Wahaha.. What a nice way to vent fustrations.. I should go become a bus driver too.. Kekeke.. On our way to office, i saw this little gal ard the age of 5 i guess.. She was looking after her younger sister whom is ard 2.. She carried her little sister & put her on her leg.. She was also hugging her tightly.. So sweet.. She must love her sister very much.. She gave her little sister a peck on the cheeks.. Awwww.. Makes me wanna have my own children soon.. BUT! The bloody bus driver hit the brake & the younger sister fell back & hit the back of her head on the chair as the elder sister did not have much strength to hold on to her.. Obviously, the little gal cried like some kind of broken doll.. The mother immediately grab the young 1 to the front to sit with her.. The elder sister had a very sad & guilty look.. I almost cried when i saw her expression.. Feel like giving her a hug & tell her "It's not your fault that your silly ass sister knock her head.." I thought better of it as i'm afraid her mother might overhear what i say & start whacking me with that ENORMOUS umbrella of hers.. Oh Gawd! I wasn't much of a good or nice sister i was suppose to be.. I burn my brother's face with a matchstick, muster all my strength & throw my sister ard whenever i could & UNBELIEVABLE! She enjoyed it! Hahaha.. That's cause i throw her on the bed & i regretted it because she came asking for more.. I decided to start throwing her against the wall.. Ahahaha! I'm bad.. Im bad.. (Michael Jackson) Fatso kor says i'm the root of all evil.. Is that true? I know i can a devil at times but i choose to be evil selectively.. Erm.. Why are we talking abt that? Off track le.. Today, there's a new perm gal starting to work as receptionist.. Why are all the receptionist there so bimbo de? Don't understand.. I'm damn freaking pissed off.. Since they got a perm staff le then why still ask my sister go interview? Knn.. Waste people's time.. Anyway, there was a fire alarm testing today.. Eat snake for nothing.. Haha..


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