Ok.. I know i haven't been blogging in days.. It's always either i'm too busy or i'm just pure lazy.. I have no idea.. Anyway, last sunday morning, i went to Guang Ming Shan with my mum & aunties.. My sis & deardear came along too.. For those who don't know, Guang Ming Shan is a temple located at Ang Mo Kio.. We went to pay respects to my late grandfather.. He was cremated there & it's his death anniversary.. This is the 1st time deardear is seeing him.. It's been years since my grandfather passed away but i still miss him alot.. He's a great grandfather & i really wish he'll always be here with us.. It's a pity he can't see me getting married.. We had vegeterian meal at the canteen there after we finished paying respects to my grandfather.. The food.. "YUCKS!"

In the afternoon, we went to meet Jing Jing & Wilson then proceed to Vivo City to find Ginny.. Going to Vivo City was a fucking bad idea.. The people there are crazy.. So damn crowded till i can't breath.. Still, i enjoyed myself though i was kind of like left out between the conversation Ginny had with Jing Jing but it's ok.. They accompanied me to go look for a new pair of heels but still can't find something i like.. Sianz... We saw this guy in green holding 2 boards that say shop at Vivo City.. So damn funny.. He machiam traffic police like that then he was kind of like dancing with the 2 small boards on his hand.. So fucking funny.. He not tired meh? Dance whole day.. We just stood there & laugh.. He saw us & said "Hi!" OMG! If he came over, i would smack him in the face.. Just toooooo funny..

Oh! The reason why we meet up is to celebrate Wilson & Jing Jing's birthday.. We went to Marina South for Steamboat.. Wilson's treat.. It seems that deardear's duty was there to peel the prawns for us.. Haha.. I'm such a bad bad wife.. Didn't even bother to cook for him.. Sob.. Sob.. I'm sorry deardear.. Hee..

After dinner, as Ginny would like to have ice cream as desserts, we went to Holland V for ICE CREAMS at Gelare.. Mmmmm.. The ice creams were delicious.. Yummy! Not suitable for those who wants to go on a diet.. Erm.. I'm 1 of them but i guess it wouldn't really hurt if it's just once awhile ba.. Keke.. Who am i lying to man? We had a funny episode at the Gelare's with Jing Jing & Ginny.. We wanted to go toilet & Ginny was the most desperate to get to the toilet.. We waited outside for quite some time & Ginny tried to push open 1 of the doors but it wouldn't budge so everyone thought there was someone in the toilet & whoever the person is, is taking a fucking long time to get out.. Ginny was just there complaining loudly that she needed to go to the toilet real soon.. I decided to just push the door real hard to scare the person inside.. End up, there was no one in the toilet.. Ginny just didn't push the door hard enough.. It was hilarious.. We were laughing like a bunch of crazy womans.. Deardear came to find out what was taking us so long but we were just there laughing uncontrollably.. We went home after that..

On monday, the agent called me again.. I was told that i was selected for the job at Tuas.. Will be starting work next monday.. I wonder if i'll be able to adapt to it.. Got to work at least 2 months before i can leave the company if i find it not suitable.. Stress man.. Knn.. No choice la.. I need the money..

Yesterday, we went with my sister to BBDC for her TP again.. We were there to give her support but in the end, she flopped again.. 48 demerit points.. Unbelievable.. 12 points more than the previous test.. She must be too nervous but i must say she's brave.. She just cried for awhile & she's back to normal again as if nothing happened.. If it were me, i would have cried for months.. We played mahjong with her so as to not let her think too much of what happened.. Ordered KFC for lunch & to make her feel better, i got fatso kor to bring us in to malaysia for a spin & buy cigarettes at the same time.. Deardear didn't want to go so just me, my sister, khai & fatso kor.. We had dim sum when we were there..

After we got out of malaysia, Gracie wanted to go Geylang see prostitute so we went.. She came up with a really damn crazy idea.. Ask Khai to get down the car & ask 1 of the prostitute "How much?" Haha.. Of cause Khai wouldn't do it.. I thought fatso kor might a more suitable candidate to do it.. He got the lecherous aka hum sap look.. Muahaha.. I not scared of you.. Bleah.. =p
In the end, they negotiated to just whistle at 1 of them when we go go past them so that we can all go home & call it a day.. It took Khai quite some time to actually gather the courage to do it.. Fatso kor no fun.. Not sporting de.. Next time don't want go out with him already..


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