Today is the 1st day i start my new temp job at a company called SUTL at Pasir Panjang.. Super lost man.. I know nuts abt accounts.. I just kept doing things that come along my way without knowing what i'm doing at all.. Tough morning for me.. It was only until after lunch then i start to understand what i'm suppose to do except that i don't know what my company deals with & the fact that the journey to work is a tad too far for me to take it.. Initially was just temp for 2 weeks but today they ask me if i can extend my stay there.. My agent said there's a possibility they'll extend my stay till end of the year.. Oh no! I don't wanna stay part time forever there.. The only part time i'll be doing is being a tai tai.. Been having problems with my blog.. Struggling with it for the past 2 days.. Apparently, my saturday post (the longest i've written so far) has been mysteriously disappearing from my blog.. Just what the fuck is wrong with blogspot? Providing me with unlimited space to start a blog doesn't mean you can literally eat my post ya get it? Plus that particular post is super long.. God damnit! I'm going to write a complain email if that happens again..


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