Today is my 1st day at my new job.. Woke up very early in the morning cause fatso kor sending deardear to camp then can send me to work also so must leave same time with deardear.. After sending deardear to camp, me & fatso kor went to eat breakfast at mac as there's still 2 more hours before i need to reach my office.. We went to Taman Jurong mac.. Either their equipment or their food is dirty cause after i finish my breakfast & go for a smoke, i start vomiting.. Fuck man.. Early morning kena this kind of shit.. Wtf? Lucky not food poisoning.. Arbo i sure sue them.. Not bad wor.. Sue mac leh.. I think i'll be the 1st & only liao.. Haha.. Will get famous de.. Wah! Compensation sure alot.. I know i think too much la.. Don't need you people to come & tell me la.. Kao..

1st of all, i would like thank all my friends who has been giving me support when i'm not working.. I would like to thank Lix for helping me keep a lookout for job opportunities though sad to say, i did not succeed in applying for the job.. Give thanks to fatso kor for keeping me company & most of all, i would like to thank my hubby for supporting me be it moral or financial wise.. Thank you so much & I Love You.. Muacks.. You are the best husband in the whole world or not? Erm.. Ok.. Give you face.. You're the best for now.. Be good & don't piss me off ok?

Initially, i was abit nervous about my 1st day on the job.. I wonder how are the people there? I wonder if i can actually get used to working there blah blah blah.. It seems that all my worries have gone down the drain.. My job is pretty simple & i get paid $1.3k for just doing simple recep & data entry.. The boss is a sucker man.. Haha.. Nah.. Maybe that's just the beginning & more is to come in the future but at least i enjoy working there.. Beats working at my previous where i have to do so many things for just a measly pay & MOST of the people there are just so fucked up.. Fuck man.. Should have left long ago.. Fucking waste my time & 8 months of youth there.. Oh.. And the people here are really nice.. All came & shake hands with me.. Asking my name.. Welcome me aboard the company.. Whoo.. I feel like a VIP.. Haha.. Not bad for the 1st day..

Oh ya.. My tamagotchi gave birth to a new small tamagotchi.. Cool right?


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