Today nvr go work again.. In fact, tomorrow also don't need go le.. My agent called them & tell them i'm not interested in that position plus they also found another person to take over me.. Now the only question is when i'm going to collect my 2 days pay? I went with deardear to collect his passport today.. Yeah! His 1st passport.. Now passport expensive sia.. $70 (if use nets) for 5 yrs nia.. Knn.. Wtf? Government too much.. We nvr ask for microchip in our passport what.. Why should we pay for it? Chee bye fuckers.. BLOOD SUCKERS! Somemore the passport number different from the ic lor.. We machiam like foreigners like that lor.. Wtf? Went to SP to ta pau chicken chop again.. Saw fatso kor there.. So coincidence hor.. Fated that i should torture him like i always do.. Went home for lunch then prepare to go for interview.. Initially on monday de but they urgently need people so i go today.. Heng arr.. Lucky i nvr go work.. Arbo i miss the chance for a full time job interview liaoz.. Was raining extremely heavily when i got out of the house.. Lucky fatso kor send me there cause he more experienced in going to Tuas.. I then don't wanna drive in this type of weather.. I just got back my car.. Don't wanna get into another fucking accident again.. Today, i almost saw an accident happen in front of me.. Lucky the driver fast to react lor.. Fucking truck drivers.. Chee bye de.. Think your vehicle big then dai sai izzit? Bloody inconsiderate.. Anyway, i think i might have a chance in the job interview today but still must wait till next monday when the supervisor come up with the list.. I'm not the only 1 going for the interview leh.. After the interview, we went to fetch my mum.. As usual, she's always late & make people wait for her.. This kind of habit seems to run in the family like some kind of disease.. Lucky i got a husband to help me discipline my time well though he can be quite irritating at times.. Don't know what is wrong but everybody seems to be pissing me off at every single possible moment.. In the morning, i quarrel with deardear because he simply don't know how to follow instructions.. If he wasn't my husband, i would think that he's trying to murder me by making me vomit blood.. Think i'll have high blood pressure soon.. How idiotic can a driver get? Sighz.. I don't wanna go think abt it.. Then fatso kor is another stupid ass.. He thinks what he says is very funny but no lor.. He totally hurt my pride very deeply.. He humiliated me in front of my mother.. 1st time he say i already not happy then 2nd time he think funny say somemore.. Say things even worse than the 1st time.. Want make me lose face.. As if my mother need another reason to insult & look down on me.. Bloody fucking asshole.. Nvr use brain to think then talk.. Fucking chee bye.. Brain grow in his arse.. Knn.. Always say other people but don't know how to say himself.. Always think he so damn fucking smart.. Though i always insult him sarcastically without giving face but i nvr do it in front of his parents or the gal he like lor.. Pua chee bye.. If you're thinking of taking revenge against me then sorry hor.. I think your plan backfire on you liao.. Nvr ever fucking make a gal cry.. Don't fucking make me hate you.. I make sure you regret whatever you have done.. Went to Choa Chu Kang for a walk to make myself feel better.. Decide to buy a tamagotchi to make me feel even happier.. You guys remember tamagotchi? Haha.. So fun.. I know i'm childish but it's none of your fucking business so keep your fat nose out of it.. Muahahaha.. So cute.. My tamagotchi is sooooooo fucking cute.. Hehehe.. Anybody want to see?


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