Yesterday was a rather eventful day for me.. The previous night, i said i couldn't sleep.. In the end, i did not sleep at all.. Deardear woke up & we went to his outdoor unit anniversary at Kallang River.. Was pretty fun watching his men there playing games & laughing like a bunch of hyenas when they see their preys cause why? The organizers arranged some bikini gals there to make the event more interesting so ya.. You know la.. Army guys ma.. Deprived of gals in the camp.. It was very hot out there lor though there was tentage to provide shelter & fans to cool people down.. The weather is so not cool lor.. I should have expected it so what was I thinking, wearing a BLACK polo tee there.. Damn! I can be so stupid at times.. Fuck You Goondo! Hahaha.. The emcees were pretty entertaining as well.. Make me laugh.. There was a dragon boat race which was pretty much the only interesting event that day apart from the food, the sabohs & the lucky draws.. Wanted to watch the dragon boat race but it was so hot out there & when i sat down on the grass, it poke thru my shorts directly poking my BACKSIDE! OUCH! So painful.. Chee bye grass.. End up, I just stood there & watch the dragon boat race.. Ran back as fast as I can after the race is over to the tentage for shelter & hoping the fans can ACTUALLY cool me down.. After the dragon boat was some games on stage where they saboh people & followed by the 20th – 11th lucky draw prizes.. Then it’s LUNCH TIME! The food was pretty nice.. Wonder which catering company they ordered from? There was the normal noodles & everything but the best was their satays, laksa & something like crisp roll with tomatos, cucumber & meat covered in juicy bbq sauce.. They even had California rolls.. OMG! Like so grand lor.. After lunch, there was something like fashion show going on up the stage whereby a few models will come on stage do catwalk wearing sexy bikinis then one by one they’ll go to the toilet change a new set of bikini & come back again.. Initially, there was quite a commotion within all the guys in the tentage.. All look at the models until saliva dripping leh.. But after awhile, the show becomes too draggy & people were starting to fall asleep due the fact of after food syndromes.. The best thing for all the models to do on the spot would to be strip off whatever they have on their body.. Wah! Ambulance will come arr.. Too much lost of blood.. Hahaha.. Imagine.. If fatso kor was on the stage.. He decide to strip off also.. WAH! Ambulance will also come.. Everybody will faint.. Because.. nobody expect him to have breast though it’s kind of obvious la.. I know it’s rather mean of me but he’s used to it le la.. My purpose of living is to torture him till the day he die.. I guess he must have owed me a lot in his past life.. Finally, when the modeling show ended, there comes the sabohing again & this time, our dear friend Meng Meng was dragged up the stage.. It was really hilarious.. He & another 2 guys was suppose to act like they are in a body building competition & start flexing their muscles.. But, what they didn’t know was that everybody was judging them thru their armpit hairs & not really their muscles.. Meng Meng was really cartoon.. He came out with a lot of patterns just to make everybody laugh.. Though he did not have as much armpit as the other guy, we still crowned him the champion because he sang for us.. He’s a really good singer with really nice voice.. After that, it’s back to the lucky draw again.. This time from the 10th – 1st prize.. Guess what? The 1st prize is a freaking LAPTOP! Of cause, I didn’t have the luck of winning it la.. I not so heng la.. Nvr kena anything in lucky draw before not to mention 4D.. So I guess I’m stuck with whatever i have for now.. No chance of getting a new 1 unless my current 1 die on me.. Went home for a short nap as i was feeling tired & dehydrated.. Woke up ard 7.30pm & met fatso kor go to his don’t know what SHC meeting at West Coast mac before moving off together to Kallang mac.. To me, they are just a bunch idiots who know nothing but cars.. I’m nvr going with him again.. So stupid.. Make me feel so stupid.. Saw a slutty gal there.. Feel like slapping her lor.. So short & fat still want act like very chio like that.. Her pattern machiam like those asking for 1 night stand type.. Went for dinner with deardear at KFC then go home to sleep after that but on our way back, a Nissan Cefiro kuai lan with us.. Fatso kor tailgate him all the way to Sunset Way.. The kam lan ah peh kei siao he reach home drive into the carpark & hide in his car.. Knn.. Don’t dare come out face us.. Think rich then can bully people izzit? Fucking hell.. Nvr die before.. Kanasai.. Today was kinda boring for me.. Just sit down here & use the comp whole day.. Nothing to do.. No money le.. Aha! Talking abt that, i just remember something.. I was complaining abt not having a job & just yesterday, a lady called me & ask if i was interested in a position as a temp accounts admin if i’m not wrong at a company located at Pasir Panjang.. Well.. Better than nothing right? I’m starting work on Monday.. Now that’s fast..


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