Yesterday was a tiring day.. Went Sentosa with deardear, fatso kor, my sis & khai.. We wanted to get a tan but the weather was rather sucky.. Yes.. It rained halfway thru our card game.. Hid in a shelter & eat ice cream instead.. Anyway, before it started raining or before we even reached the beach, we took the sky ride from the insect kingdom down to the beach.. The scenery was absolutely beautiful.. I abit too lazy to write le so i shall let the photos do all the talking.. Haven't been posting much photos anyway.. Hee..

Sky Rides!

Khai, Gracie & Me!

Woohoo! I'm coming!

Say cheese!

On your mark.. Get Set.. Ready..


Hehe.. Here i am..

Quit staring at my breast!

So comfy..

Help! Hammock swallowing me..

Deardear & his stupid face..

The most blissful couple ard..

Apparently, fatso kor has defeat the purpose of sleeping in a hammock.. You are suppose to hang in mid air.. Obviously his buttock is already touching the ground.. He might as well just bury himself in the sand & sleep.. Save the trouble of tying up the hammock.. I would gladly offer to bury him with both my hands.. I don't want comment much in case people say i mean again but then, you've got to be really heavy to make your hammock sink all the way down to the ground.. Ah! I use the word heavy arr. I nvr say you FAT arr.. Anyway, you are not suppose to know i took this photo.. Am i in some kind of trouble? It's ok.. I don't care.. Hahaha..

Posing for the camera there on our way back..

Khai thinking: This 2 is siao 1..

Doesn't the sunset and small islands look beautiful? It feels to relaxed & soothing to look at all this scenery.. If only i could stay there forever.. =)


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