Yesterday's rain was really heavy.. Everywhere was flooded.. Lucky i got company bus send me to Boon Lay.. Arbo i really will die.. On the way to Boon Lay, we went past a lorry with foreigner workers or in short is Bangladeshy la.. I was shocked with what came next.. A guy on the bus was saying "Wah! Where got people cover head like that?" I turned my head & look.. As it was raining, 1 of the bangladesh decide to just lup a small plastic bag over his head.. Was damn fucking funny.. He look alot like a prisoner ready to be hanged.. I couldn't keep my eyes off him.. Was giggling in 1 corner like crazy.. People on the bus were discussing that he should have at least poke 2 holes in the plastic bag for his eyes.. HAHAHA! I met deardear at JP (Jurong Point) go walk walk then we went home..

I hate people who doesn't keep their promise.. You don't promise already & don't do it somemore still got the cheek ask "I got promise you meh?" when people ask for the promise to be fulfilled.. It's not funny.. Don't humiliate me & make me look like a fucking beggar.. Chee bye.. I don't beg ok? Knn! You know who you are you fucking bloody son-of-a-bitch stupid asshole.. @#&#*$*#$%#%#

Today, i woke up to go take bus for work.. Deardear was sweet enough to accompany me to the bus stop.. When the bus came, i realise i forgot to bring my wallet out.. Ahahaha.. Blur sotong.. End up deardear have to send me to work.. He was complaining on how i can actually forget my wallet but today he off ma.. It's fated that he have to send me to work.. Hahaha..

Today, i caught a don't know rat or mice as it was rather small size but has a ratty colour.. Actually not i catch la.. I got a guy to help me catch cause i'm always alone on the groundfloor except for at least 20 goldfishes swimming in a tank accompanying me throughout my day at work.. Ok.. Back to the cute creature.. I saw out of the corner of my eyes a shadow run across.. I thought it was a cockroach & it totally freaked me out but when i turn my head to search for it just in case it runs up my leg, i saw the mousey crouching in a corner.. I was thinking to myself where the hell did that mouse alike thing came from? It looked so small & cute but i didn't dare touch as i'm afraid it might run away or bite me when i catch it.. Just then, my colleague walked in.. I told him to catch it for me.. He did & he brought it up with him to the office.. It was until lunchtime when he told me that mousey was dead.. I was devastated.. Ok.. Abit too kua zhang.. Was just playing ard with words but still i was upset over the fact that mousey did not survive.. I wonder what happened to it before i found it.. Sighz.. Life is so vulnerable..

My tamagotchi died after giving birth to a son.. I miss her.. Her son look so ugly now.. Guess that's the initial stage.. I wonder what he will look like when he grow up?


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