Hello! I'm back! Did anyone miss me? Sorry for not blogging immediately after i got back. I touched down in Singapore on wed night but i was busy with alot of things. I shall say what i'm busy with in awhile.

I've yet got time to download my photos in the com so no photos for the time being & we were video recording(my dad bought me a Sony Video Cam. So good right?) most of the time during our trip so not much photo as well. I think i shall just go through a few random & exciting events that happened during my holiday.

1st of all, the weather was really bad when we took off. So, as you can guess. I vomitted in the plane. Stupid motion sickness. Cause me to suffer so much.

As everyone knows, holiday in Indonesia is just mainly shopping & eating. We bought alot of cheap stuffs & we ate alot of seafoods. Almost everyday we eat seafood. That includes crabs, prawns, fish & kang kong. Eat until scared. In fact, on the night we touch down in Indonesia, immediately we went for seafood dinner.

Instead of hotel, we stayed in a rented apartment by my dad's company. Totally cool. I only don't understand why they don't use toilet paper there. Weird. Mayb they are too poor to buy toilet papers. Toilet paper to the people there are like luxury.

Although it's not the 1st time i've been to Indonesia, the driving skills of people there nvr fail to amaze me. They lane change like nobody's business. 2 lanes can contain 3 cars. Go by road shoulder when stuck in the traffic. No speed limit. Totally bo cheng hu. The driving there is like a test of guts. You dare to cut in, you get to go. You don't dare then get stucked there forever.

Fatso kor may claim that he's the best in Singapore but compare to Indonesians, he lose alot. If he were to go there 1 day, he sure damn lost. But the people there are a friendly lot. They give way to you when you are cutting in. Not like Singaporeans. Refuse to give way & purposely accelerate so you don't eat into his/her lane. Bunch of fucking idiots.

Fatso kor, read this & feel really ashamed of yourself.

On the 1st day there, we took a near 2 hrs trip to a place called Bandung for shopping. My dad initially planned for us to go to a resort that night & play with all the seaside sports the next day but it would take another 5 to 6 hrs of driving to get there. None of us can actually take it so the trip was cancelled.

We book 5 massage ladies instead to come up our apartment to give us massage. Shiok! Better than Singapore & so much more cheaper. Only 80,000 rupiah. Convert to Sin dollar is only like 12 bucks for a full 2 hrs can? Singapore fucking charge you 40 bucks for like only 40 mins. WTF? We spend like kings & queens there.

On the 2nd day, we went to the Sea World there. The place there is huge. You have to drive everywhere you go. It was pretty fun. We took a boat out to the sea to see scenery. I almost vomitted. Still, it was enjoyable. They had underwater world just like Singapore. The entry is only like $10.

They have piranhas there. Scary. They just stay still in the water & stare at you. I mean really dead still. I can't imagine me dropping into the tank. They'll move faster than anything else. I get to touch baby sharks there. Their skin feels almost like snake. The different varieties of fish they have there is definitely more than what you get to see in Singapore. We had seafood lunch there & they actually serve BABY SHARKS! OMFG! I was really tempted to try.

The 1st few days was raining like crazy but after that it sort of stopped. There's actually a billard center just below our apartment & it's like really cheap. They go by per game & each game is only 5000 rupiah which is $1. Not only that. They even help you set up the tables each time you finish a game. Singapore where got this type of price & service?

Since we had no idea where to go so we decide to just stay at home on Christmas eve. We went to a mini mart also just downstairs the apartment & bought all their beers on display which is only 10 bottles. Their beer is different from Singapore. You don't see Tiger beer, Heineken or Carlsberg. They only have Bintan beer. It taste pretty good. So smooth & so much better than vomit taste Tiger beer.

That's how we spent our Christmas eve.

Anyway, people there only drink AQUA mineral water. You can nvr drink from their taps cause unlike Singapore, they don't have filtered water. Some shopping centres use the nearby sea for the toilet taps. How do i know? It's tested & proven. Khai tried to wash his mouth & tasted salt. Hahaha.

In the morning we went to their market. We went past a railway station & we saw that people actually stay next to the railway station. They sleep there, pee there, shit there & eat there. I don't think i could even last for more than 5 mins there. The market there is almost the same as Singapore's wet market but the things there are so much cheaper & also dirtier. We took trishaw back to the apartment.

Those poor ah pehs. The things they have to do for money. Can you imagine how much energy they waste on cycling us back? So heavy can? They are like earning few cents from us only but to them is alot. I envy their standards of living. Everything also so cheap.

Fatso kor should try become a trishaw rider. He can lose alot weight but i bet a 1000 bucks he can't even last for more than 3 mins.

We spend the next 2 days shopping, going for pedicure & doing hair spa. Feel like a tai tai. So shiok! We also took bajaj here & there. Bajaj is like toot toot in thailand. It's like a motor but attached with shelter & seatings enough for 2 people at the back. Shall show some photos of it soon. Sitting in a bajaj is fun.


It's also 1 of this bajaj that knocked me down on the last 2nd night i spend in Indonesia. It was a moment of shock for everyone there.

I was lucky that the driver manage to brake in time & that it wasn't a direct hit else i would have flew higher but the fact is i was still being hit & it hurts. I was lifted slightly up the air after the impact & roll on the floor. I received cuts & bruises on my hands & legs. There were also splinters in those cuts i received. The most painful part was of cause the part where the driver hit me.

For that moment i was hit, i thought i was going to die. I finally got a taste of what it feels like before you are going to die. Flashes of memories came into my mind & i blacked out. It was until i felt pain then i realise that i'm not dead. Deardear was so worried that he rushed across the road & he too almost got knocked down by a motor.

Daddy was obviously angry with the driver though i must say it wasn't entirely his fault but who can blame my dad? It is HIS most BELOVED daughter that got knocked down. Afterall, the driver was driving way too fast. Dad screwed the driver upside down. I didn't understand what he said cause it's all in melayu but i do know that he was shouting like crazy.

Ah boy(my younger brother, Sean) almost cried. This is the 1st time i saw him got so worried abt me.

The security from the apartment was the best. Immediately after i got knocked down, he came rushing & grab the driver saying that he must take responsibility. Ohhhh... How heroic... For 1 moment he looked so handsome.

Okay. That's not the point. The point is the securities there are good. They really care abt the welfare of the residents staying there. Singapore got like that meh? Don't have lor. They just mind their own business & pretend that nothing happen. All become blind suddenly.

The driver did offer to send me to a doctor but i knew he couldn't afford to pay for my medical bills & i don't really trust the doctor there so i decline that offer & let him off. The security guard gave me a namecard to a clinic should i need the help of a doctor. So nice...

Overall, it was a rather scary experience.

Daddy bought me a hermit crab cause i mentioned that i wanted a pet hermit crab & he really went to buy it for me. So sweet... Ah boy bought a tiny 1 too.

Very soon, we had to leave. I was rather unwilling to go. I'm gonna miss my dad. It wasn't exactly a really happy holiday. Dad & mum were at their usual quarrel except it was pretty serious this time. They quarrel almost everyday. Fighting with each other. Blaming this & that. I hate to see them like this. Threatening to divorce again & again.

But it seems they manage to settle things before we left but i think very soon, they will start this stupid quarrel again. It's just a matter of time before this family breaks apart.

The next day after i got back to Singapore, i went to get my hermit crabs proper home despite my injuries were hurting me. But, the hermit crab daddy bought did not manage to survive. It was so sad & smelly. The decomposing body of the hermit crab stinks.

In order not to let me feel too sad, deardear bought me another 2 hermit crabs & daddy promise to bring me back more hermit crabs when he next come back. He works near the sea & so he can pick up hermit crabs from the seaside FOC.

We had very saddening news when we got back. Jason kor's dad pass away. It was rather sudden. They had no idea what was the cause of the death & therefore need to go thru a series of experiment to find out.

I was unable to attend the funeral cause my wedding is coming near. All i can do is to ask him out for coffee & keep him company. That's what a friend should do.

Alright! It's the eve of a new year. Enjoy the last moment you have in Year 2006.


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