I'm so angry i need to complain.. I need to rant like some mad woman so pardon me for the crazy things i say..

1st, people taking the MRT are ridiculous.. When the train came in to Bukit Batok, i 'gasped' in horror.. "Wah! Why so many people arr? So fucking crowded.. Kanina.." But the moment i step in to the train... Fuck la.. People are just crowding at the door.. In the middle of the cabin is like so empty lor.. They make it look as though it's damn freaking crowded inside.. Feel like fucking them upside down but as a good citizen of Singapore, i should do what i must do.. Keep my mouth shut in case i get whacked.. The next stop is Jurong East already.. They scared they cannot get down the train izzit? So fucking kam lan..

Kiasuism is the traits of all Singaporeans.. I would personally like to differ from that saying.. I like to read Mr Kiasu BUT i'm definitely NOT kiasu..

2nd, i miss the shuttle bus to office today.. I msg my colleague to ask the bus driver wait for me but she DIDN"T see her handphone.. WTF?!? End up i need to take a cab to office.. I better stay at home sleep abit later then drive there myself right? @#%^$#%&*%$

So Angry!!!

I know it's not her fault but i'm still not happy.. Not happy abt the fact that i need to waste money on cabs.. The cab i took was a mercedes cab.. I can hear people saying "WOW! Mercs cab leh.." Stop swooning in envy.. Please stop.. The cab driver is siao 1.. Driving machiam like he racing.. Drive fast fast then brake like nobody's business.. Lao niang here got motion sickness de ok?

You wanna play with your fucking own life then go ahead but do not play with my damn life.. It's as miserable as it can be so stop torturing me.. You want race with another mercs cause he eat your lane is your dai ji.. Don't get me involved can anot? Crazy ah peh.. 1st time drive mercs izzit? Fucking idiot..

3rd, i had the worst breakfast ever.. I bought 3 sardine curry puffs cause they were cheap.. 3 for $1 but i regretted.. It taste like shit.. Who the hell would put cabbage in curry puffs? I like to eat cabbage yes BUT not in freaking curry puffs.. Damn it!

Last but not least.. WHY NOBODY GIVE ME HUG DE? Why you people like that 1 huh? An extra click will die meh? Give me hug will die meh? It's only a virtual hug.. Will kill you izzit? No monster is abt to jump out & bite you.. Why are you guys so mean? Why? Nobody loves me.. Boohoohoo..

From now onwards, it's an unwritten rule that everyone who visits my site must give me 5 hugs a day.. Oops! I just wrote it out.. Oh what the heck! Go on.. Click on it.. Click as much as you can & make me a very happy girl..

I think i talk too much already..


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