Recently, i have been getting slightly more busy with work.. My supervisor say want train me to be in the HR dept meaning i have to help her with certain things when she need help as my supervisor is the only 1 in the HR dept.. I don't know to be happy or what.. I get to learn new things which i think can be quite interesting but it also means i have MORE work to do.. Sianz.. Plus i got a cut on my small tiny finger yesterday.. How i got that cut you ask me.. Thru opening letters.. How the fuck i know envelopes give papercuts as well? Damn.. I guess with a person like me, anything i hold can become a hazard to me or people ard me..

Bad bad headache yesterday.. I beg the creatures in my head to give me a break.. I think the weather is causing them to be extremely grouchy.. Hot & cold.. Hot & cold.. Due to lack of sleep & those engineers at my workplace are giving me an extremely bad headache as well.. How am i suppose to work with them if they refuse to co-operate? Am i suppose to call them up 1 by 1 & fuck them? Me, a gal against so many guys.. I then don't want kena rape & murder.. Not i want hao lian.. I'm not scared of them but you gotta admit that they'll salivate upon seeing my wonderful figure minus the tummy.. Haha.. That's so disgusting.. I feel like killing myself for that..

Oh Yeah! I received my pay check yesterday.. Guess how much i earn for working abt only 9 days.. A freaking $500 ok? I wonder if they calculated wrongly? Whatever.. Incredible isn't it? Beats working for that fuck up company anytime of the day.. Got OT pay somemore leh.. I wanted to post a photo of my cheque here de but thought better of it.. I don't want people to start sueing me for forging fake cheques.. Very yuan wang lor..

Hereby, i would like correct a mistake of mine as to give justice to those fishes in my company.. They are parrot fish & not goldfish.. Pardon me for making that mistake which only a fish idiot would make.. Today i went to kneel in front of the tank & apologise to the fishes.. "Yuan liang wo, you yan bu shi tai shan.." I hope they can make me rich cause they are also known as fa cai yu.. Right now, i feed the fish everyday.. Make them grow fat so if i'm ever not happy here, i'll catch the fish & cook it.. Muahahaha.. I'm so evil..

Today, something happened in the office.. Or rather, something happened to me in the office.. Apparently, a creditor has been calling up our office chasing for payment when the due date is not here yet.. My colleague, Janice from the finance dept refuse to pick up his call & therefore, he got so pissed off.. He vent his anger on ME! Duh! I was like WTF? What has it got to do with me man.. I just on the speaker phone then listen to the guy scream & shout at me all the way just answering yes.. yes.. yes.. i totally understand your situation.. Kao! Arbo what you all expect me to do? Give him all my pay can? He did apologise to me after that.. I thought it finally ended BUT he started complaining to me.. Telling me what he does for earning.. What am i? Some kind of nanny receptionist or a counsellor? He talk until he very pathetic lor.. Say he no money pay his workers la, car kena tow away just this morning la.. I almost felt sorry for him but well.. for all i know, he might just be lying to me or not.. Nothing much i can do except convey his message for him..

Arghhhh.. Tomorrow still need to come back office for 1 WHOLE fucking day.. Stupid house keeping thingy.. But nvm.. I got OT pay.. Hehe.. Anyway, my darling husband tomorrow not at home also cause of his stupid camp thing la.. I might as well come earn extra money..


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