Recently i realised that i'm too lazy to write my blog.. 1 of my friend who is my loyal reader even called & ask me why i so long nvr write blog le.. I guess basically there's nothing much in my life nowadays to write abt.. Apart from work & home, what else can i write? I've yet to meet something interesting enough for me to blog abt.. My life is just so dull.. No exciting events abt my life except mayb 1 which is i'll be going overseas soon.. Another 1 week plus to go.. So the rest of the days will just be boring, boring & boring.. Hoping that time will go by faster so i can get out of this town for a week to spend my Christmas with my dad.. How i miss him.. By the time i come back, there'll be loads of photos for me to put into my blog BUT i won't be able to blog for that 1 whole week i'm not ard cause there's no internet access to the place i'm going..


Anyway, i guess i'll be way too busy shopping & enjoying myself to actually have time for blogging.. Not many people actually read my blog except for mayb some close friends so does it really matter if i blog anot? Nobody will realise even if i totally stop blogging.. Of cause i'm not abt to close my blog.. I still need a place to put in my beautiful memories as i'm afraid that STM might 1 day take over my brain.. I also need a place for me to vent my fustrations.. This blog shall remain here till the day i die whether i write it or not..

Last friday i said i'll be going prawn fishing.. Didn't have much luck that night though i did manage to catch 1.. It was my biggest catch of the day & also the 1 & only..


I call it Dua Tao(BiG head)..


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