Sick... sick... sick... I hate being sick. With all the running nose & coughing which eventually leads to sore throat & a bad headache. Had an asthma attack yesterday morning which made me look totally pathetic.

Raining non-stop for the whole fucking day. Just what are the Gods above angry abt? Is end of the world coming soon? Singapore is going to become another lost city under the water if the rain doesn't stop soon.


It doesn't concern me. It's the job of the government to make sure nothing happens to us. That's what we paid them for. Arbo their salary so high for them to cho bo lanz meh? They better come up with a good idea to control the flood soon.

If they can't even take care of their citizens' welfare, they might as well not be there in the 1st place. Let some youngsters try controlling the country & they might be doing an even better job.

What am I talking abt? I guess I'm too sick to think. Let's not insult our government. I don't wanna get sued for something which I don't even know if it's legal to talk abt.

Let's talk abt guys. I seriously think that I don't understand guys. How can they be nice to you for a moment & turn nasty next? And they say we girls change our minds faster than anything else.

Who are they to comment abt us when they can't even think as well as we do?

I certainly think some guys are total idiots. It can NEVER go thru their brains on what we're trying to tell them. How pathetic… And they blame us for it. Always trying to prove to the world that they are always the right ones, nvr ever admitting their mistakes.

This type of guys are not male egoist. Don't get it wrong. They are just plain stupid.

If you are 1 of these guys, please kill yourself & stop wasting your time living in this world. We girls would live a better life without you ard.

I would love to list out the names of the guys ard me who are exactly like this but I thought better of it. Spare them the embarrassment. You know who you are if you read this.

I hate guys who are so damn sissy. Please! Go be a gay or something. DON'T come near us & gay talk. Go find your gay friends. If you think you are too fat, ugly or stupid to be 1(gays are usually fit, good looking & smart), then don't think that girls will fall for you as well.

We are so NOT stupid! We have EYES to SEE!

I also hate guys who don't keep their promises. If you can't keep your promises, don't expect the girl to keep her promise as well. As the saying goes, "Do NOT do unto OTHERS if you do not wish others to do unto YOU!"

If a girl does not wish to talk to you, STOP PESTERING HER! It's damn irritating you know? And don't blame her if she starts shouting at you BECAUSE you are so damn irritating.

Imagine you are troubled over something & you do not wish to talk cause you are so upset. Your girlfriend calls you:

Gf: Hello. What you doing ar? Me now damn bored leh.

You: ..................

Gf: Eh... Talk leh. Don't just keep quiet leh. I call you to chat de leh.

You: I don't feel like talking now.

Gf: Wah lau! Don't like that la. I'm your gf leh. You must entertain me leh. What happen to you? Tell me la.

You: I don't wish to talk abt it.

Gf: Talk leh talk leh talk leh talk leh.

You: .......................

Gf: Chee bye la you. Why don't talk? Arbo I tell you what i buy yesterday when I go shopping ok? Blah blah blah...


Gf: .........................

Bwahahaha... Get it? Ok. I hope you guys get the drift. For those who are stupid, please don't even bother reading it.

Good guys are usually married, broke or gay. So if you don't fit in either 1 of the criteria then you are just a lousy guy. DON'T try to find excuses for your incompetence.

I'm so glad I married a good guy. Not really that good but still better than a lot others out there.

Despite being very sick, there's something that still makes me happy.


I'm still counting down. 2 more days & I'll be flying high up into the sky.

p/s: if you're broke due to overspending on unnecessary things, you're not considered in the criteria as well.


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