This is going to be a long entry.

Alot has been happening this few days but i didn't have the time to blog abt it. Apparently, i realise that not much friends actually read my blog. No hugs. No comments. Very sad.

So for those who have been reading my blog, friends or people who happen to come across my blog pls leave me a msg either in the tagboard or comments so that i know you've visited & leave me your url if you have any so i can visit your blog too.

Ok. Here goes my weekend. Abit too lazy to list out things 1 by 1 so i'll go by some random events.

Saturday morning, i went for a pre-employment checkup at a clinic located inside JP. The so called receptionist there are all malay girls. Typical young ah lians but since they can work in a clinic, i shan't look down on them.(see? i'm so nice. i'm not always so mean & evil but then again. i'm only mean & evil selectively.)

As all of us knows, check up always involve urine test(this is gross). Lucky there wasn't any blood test.

Yes! I know! I love bloody scenes(check archives). But seeing my own blood taken by others is definitely not 1 of the scenes i like. I like seeing OTHER peoples blood flow. Not MINE!

Ok. Back to the urine test. 1 of the girls gave me a stick that i'm suppose to wet it with the goodness coming from my ya you know whatever i'm going to say. Too R-rated to type it out here. Hahaha.

She did not give me a container though so i guess i'll have to wet my hands throughout the process.

Hey hey hey! Don't give me the disgusted look unless you tell me you can aim that well. Even guys miss cue MOST of the times thus resulting dirty toilet bowls which girls ALWAYS have to clean up for them. Guys listen to this & wake up your idea. Stop giving us unneccessary trouble. Girls love being hassle free you know?

Anyway, she gave me a small ziploc bag that any idiot would know that it's meant for you to put the stick thingy in after you're done with it.

Obviously i look a tad too young(i'm honoured) in her opinion & she told me "This is for you to put the stick in." I said ok & she added on "Don't urine in it ar." *sudden urge to slap her*

I couldn't bring myself to dirty my hands on her. I had this evil thought all of a sudden. Ok. Not sudden at all. I'm always evil to some peoples opinion. I shall shake hands with her & thank her so much for her help after i come back from the toilet. Er... Of cause i'll wash my hands(like you will really believe me). *cackles evilly*

No. That did not happen if you're wondering. I was called into the doctor's room immediately when i came back. It seems as though she saw thru my evil plot. And yes. I did wash my hands la ok? It was just a joke. I took my height & weight measurements as well. I did not grow any taller but i weigh freaking _.__kg(I'm not telling anyone).

I have no idea what is the purpose of going for an x-ray for a pre-employment checkup. They want to see if my lungs are growing worms izzit? Haha. That's lame.

Anyway, like all of us knows again. You are suppose to change into a gown provided by them that looks machiam like you going for operation like that. It was quite comfortable though without wearing anything else inside except your panties. It's just like me wearing pyjamas while i'm at home except that i'm actually in a clinic walking ard. The process was pretty fast. Took less than 5mins.

Suddenly i had this evil thought again. Don't ask me why. Cause i'm evil that's why.

I was thinking that apparently they did not change the robes we wore to a new suit & the fact that i did not bath before i went for the checkup(yeah. i know it's gross) so the next person to change into that robe is so suay lor. All my germs on it. Hehehe.

Then i think back again. That means that before i came, there are others who wore the same robe as well. So if the previous person did not bath as well... OMFG! I rushed home immediately to bath & scrub myself.

Karma you say? Hah! I laugh at face of death(if he/she is good looking enough).

Met Sherry(my colleague) on sunday at Bugis. On the way there, i saw alot of couples hugging each other. It's been a long time since i took MRT out. Suddenly, i long for deardear(in camp for duty) to be there with me. But then again, if he were to be at home, i doubt i'll have a chance to go out like this. I'll be dragged to stay home & stare at the tv the whole day.

Back to Sherry. We were suppose to go check out some eyelash extension thingy but it was raining heavily & apparently the shop doesn't open on a sunday. WTF?

I told myself i musn't make a wasted trip therefore i cannot go back empty handed. Before that, i went to have a puff. I was standing by a dustbin smoking as you know. Singapore alot of place CANNOT smoke lor. More lame than me.

Anyway, a cleaner ah peh came from the back wanting to clear the dustbin. He didn't know how to say excuse me. Instead he shouted at me. Damn fucking rude. So... I shouted back at him. Hahaha. He was pretty shocked i guess from his facial expression.

We spent our time walking ard the whole of Bugis. I was desperate to buy something i like. I walked into a shop & was attracted by a pair of boots. Not those you wear in the rain or market la. Those lady knee high boots.

I've always wanted to own a pair of my own but always found it too expensive. I decided to try my luck & surprisingly, those boots was selling at a mere $39.90! So cheap! I fell in love with it immediately & therefore bought it without giving a second thought. Sherry didn't really like those boots though.

We continue to walk ard without buying anything else except er.. disposable panties? And 3 pairs of stocking just for my boots. We went for a plate of mee siam each while waiting for her friend. After that, you won't believe it. We went for steamboat! What a glutton i am. Hahaha.

As it was still raining, we decided to end the day & go back home since we still need to work the next day.

Actually i was pretty upset over some things last night but i do not want to talk abt it again. Whatever has past just let it past. Tomorrow will be a better day agree?


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